Egg Boiling Tip & Recipe

Ran across a neat kitchen tip and decided to give it a try. Over at Mzuka’s Kitchen Tips & Recipes on Facebook ( there’s a post for boiling eggs in salt water.


Seriously! Seeing how I hadn’t eaten yet I thought what a perfect time to try it out. I did eight eggs and wasn’t too sure how much salt to use, I guessed and did four healthy pinches.


Eggs in salt water

I let them boil for about 10–13 minutes, doing up some dishes helped the time pass quickly! Once the time was up, drained the pan and ran cold water over them for a minute giving a little stir to help release some more of the heat. The results after peeling weren’t too bad actually…


Three out of eight boo-boo eggs

Yes, three out of eight of the eggs came out a bit messed up. My Mom came in around time these were boiling and she shared with me that she always puts salt in the water as did my Memaw (her mother). That’s the first time I’d ever heard that! I don’t always have a problem when it comes to peeling eggs, the occasional egg from the pot that decides to be different never bothers me since most of the time I’m making egg salad. For deviled eggs this would definitely not be good.  But no worries, I had a plan already in mind for these babies!


Quick Egg Salad

8 eggs, boiled, peeled, rinsed

1 cup mayo, less if you prefer

salt and pepper to taste

relish of your liking, optional (I used my Mom’s homemade zucchini relish!)

Boil, peel, and rinse the eggs. In a medium bowl chop the eggs with a pastry blender. Stir in mayo, salt, pepper, and relish(if using). Serve on bread, salad, or just grab a spoon and dig in! 

I had a lurker at one point…


Felt like I was in a scene of Jaws!

The finished product!


My lurker turned photographer! Great picture too!


Egg salad with zucchini relish on top.

Because certain family members don’t care for relish in the egg salad I just add it on top. Hope you have a wonderful Friday and a safe weekend!

Amanda Gayle


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