What’s in my purse?

It’s the dreaded thing every woman has to deal with…cleaning out the purse. About the only time I ever clean mine out is if I’m going to change purses/bags, but after see what Tori Spelling was doing on her blog I wondered what exactly was lurking in my purse. My Mom wasn’t surprised and I ‘m not sure if I should be embarrassed or not 🙂

whats in my puse

Initial dumping of contents


Top L-R:

1) Wallet

2) Church bulletins/calendars/baby shower invites/Sunday School handouts

3) Make up bag (contents include pressed face powder, green correction stick, cover up stick, eye shadow, lip balm)

Middle L-R:

4) Used and unused hand sanitizer wipes

5) Used tissues

6) Magnets

7) Breath Mints and wrappers

8) Liquid Hand Sanitizers

9) Cross Note Pad

10) No.2 Pencil

11) Black ink pen

12) My son’s plastic “gem stone” rings

13) Band-aids, used and unused

Bottom L-R:

14) My son’s Patch the Pirate Medal

15) Hair clip and scrunchie

Now doubt this could be worse but it’s bad enough and my bag is light again!!

So, what’s in your bag?!

Amanda Gayle


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