Finger Knitting

Morning y’all, sure is sunny over here! Hope you all are having a tubular Tuesday so far 🙂 I love crafts, love all kinds but I have a select few that I’m quite partial to. Over the years I have tried to branch out and give certain things a whirl. Growing up in a house with a mom who loves to sew, count cross stitch, crochet, and knit you’d think I would have picked up on at least ONE of those things…right? Right?! No. I did try crocheting a square washcloth and when that didn’t turn out to be square I got frustrated and tore it all out. I was done and haven’t touched a crochet needle since. I grow tired of hearing how “easy” something is, if it were easy then everyone would be doing it and there wouldn’t be a growing number of women without such skills.

Forget knitting, if I couldn’t handle one needle most certainly couldn’t deal with two. I did try counted cross stitching and could never keep my up with the grid. I’d miss count, get off the row I was supposed to be on, not to mention pulling the thread too tight through the holes…and sewing? Haven’t tried it yet but do intend to this summer because we have some vintage apron patterns I’d like to make. *fingers crossed* I can do some light mending such as fixing buttons, seams, zippers, and other little things by hand with needle and thread but I’ve never used a machine before. I have watched my Mom time and again use her old Singer sewing machine over the years and marveled at her skills wishing I could do it but afraid I’d mess up.

With all my flops and giving up, yes I do give up too quickly I’ll admit it, I thought all the things a woman was supposed to know how to do was forever lost to me. Never would I be able to make my own scarves, forever relying on my Mom or someone else to supply me with such things. I’ve started to hate that feeling, let’s face it, all you knitting folks aren’t going to be around forever for those of us who don’t know how to wield the needles. It was time I became more self reliant and self sufficient….that’s when I discovered finger knitting!

Now, before you fall off your keister from all the laughing, I know it’s something that is taught to grade school children, however I was never taught to do that when I was a kid. Never heard of it, didn’t know how to do it, and that same dreaded feeling cam back of what if it doesn’t work for me?! So, I went to youtube and looked up some videos about finger knitting. I was very surprised to find some tutorials that explained how to do it. I grabbed a small ball of my Mom’s yarn and gave it a go…”By George, I think she’s got it!” Queue the Hallelujah Chorus!!!

I don’t use one finger and make skinny rope chains, I use four fingers and stitch the chains together with a large plastic needle in order to make scarves, a snood (that’s almost finished, need more yarn), and my current project fingerless hand warmer. Here are a few pictures of the things I’ve made so far…

scarf 001   scarf 003

Above is the first thing I made back in 2011. A simple Rope Scarf.

September 2012 004

Triple strand scarf in green made in 2012.

Infinity Scarf2012 003   Infinity Scarf2012 001

And my absolute favorite, the infinity scarf made in 2012.

I’ve been tempted to start using looms or those knitting dolls but I just haven’t done it yet. But so far I’m content and can actually say “I made that!” I do love how quickly it goes by and each scarf only takes roughly 1–3 hours to make. All the yarn I use is acrylic, I’m not a fan of wool at all, if it’s not soft I don’t wear it.

So now, along with my scrapbooking, paper crafting, plaster village house painting, cooking, baking, and stamped stitching I have been able to add finger knitting to my repertoire! There is hope for me yet 🙂 Perhaps one day I’ll try crocheting again and if I can find the gumption, I’ll see about knitting WITH needles….no promises though!

Hope you all have a terrific day!

Amanda Gayle


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