Vinegar’s Versatile…

Here’s today’s throw back…

Whilst digging through my Great Grandma’s recipe box I found this nifty cut out with several uses for vinegar. I can attest to most of these suggestions and I’m sure there are several more out there who have used vinegar for other purposes as well. I wish I had a date on this, all I can go by is on the backside is an ad for Superbrand all flavors ice cream for $1.19 per half gallon. Here’s an image of the clipping…

vintage clipping

“Vinegar’s versatility is impressive. You can use it to:

  • Tenderize meat and game: One-half cup of cider, white, or wine vinegar added to a cup of liquid bouillon adds flavor to meats while breaking down tough connective tissue. (I always add this to my marinades and it does work!)
  • Keeps cheese fresh: Wrap cheese in clean cotton cloth dampened with vinegar and place in an airtight container to keep fresh and moist. (I’ve never done this, perhaps you can remember your grandmother or aunt doing this. Please share if you have those memories!)
  • Retain colorful vegetables: Vinegar added to the water in which you boil cabbage or beets helps retain the bright colors as well as cutting down on cooking odors. (This is handy when I cook up broccoli, haven’t tried it with collards but I think it would do the same.)
  • Cut grease: A few tablespoons of white vinegar in the cleaning water helps but grease and remove odors. (I’ve done this a lot, we love using coconut oil when frying–the chicken doesn’t foam up in coconut oil–so you can imagine there is a lot of grease to clean up. The vinegar really does work! Forget today’s harsh chemicals.)
  • Sparkling glassware: One-half cup of white vinegar in a gallon of water helps eliminate dulling soap film. Try it on beverage glasses. (I’ve never done this, but I have tried detergents that “say” they leave glasses sparkling when actually they don’t. Will have to try this one for sure since I wash the dishes by hand now. Perhaps adding some vinegar to dish water will achieve said results….)
  • Eliminate odors: A little white vinegar rubbed on fingers before and after slicing onions help remove smell. (I have tried this after mincing garlic! I’ve also used this in the bathroom to remove urine and mold smells. The vinegar smell dissipates and you’re left with a fresh clean scent afterwards. I like to also use fresh lemons to help brighten up a room. Try adding some fresh lemon or orange zest to vinegar to add a lively freshness while cleaning, only make enough for one round of cleaning otherwise you’ll need to store the leftover in the fridge. Anything that has fresh ingredients without preservatives will go bad. Tea tree oil is anti-fungal and works great in the bathroom and shower.)

There’s a great book filled with over 400 uses for vinegar called “Vinegar: Over 400 Various, Versatile, and Very Good Uses You’ve Probably Never Thought Of” found on I even found some of my Great-Grandmother’s recipes that call for vinegar in baked goods! Will definitely have to try these out 🙂   

Amanda Gayle


4 thoughts on “Vinegar’s Versatile…

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  2. Great! I was told about how versatile vinegar is by my grandmother as well, when I was younger. But never really tried any til now, maybe because I really didn’t mind it then. But now, I’ll probably make use of it. And yes, I just remembered having problems with water stains on our aquarium. I’ll have to really try it there one of these days. Thanks for sharing!

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