4th of July Grub


With the 4th of July upon us, here are some great recipes that are sure to please anyone!

  1. Blueberry Buckle with Whipped Cream
  2. Grilled Burgers (traditional)*
  3. Slow Cooked BBQ Chicken
  4. Grilled Brats*
  5. Deviled Eggs
  6. Banana Bread
  7. Homemade Dinner Rolls
  8. Banana Pudding (no bake)
  9. Creamy Pasta Salad

I didn’t add any recipes for traditional hamburgers, I tend to leave that up to people’s amazing imaginations. Even the most amazing burger just seasoned with salt and pepper will wow even the pickiest eater (my son included). It’s all about not smashing the burgers while they cook and how you dress it up on the bun! I think my Dad is off to a great start there in the middle picture šŸ˜‰

Grilled brats are just as easy, I like to top my grilled brat off with spicy brown mustard, sauteed bell peppers and vidalia onions. Some good eats right there!

Amanda Gayle


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