Banana Pudding(no-bake)

Throw Back Thursday:

After looking online at all the various ways to make banana pudding I thought I’d go back to basics, keeping it simple,and easy. I love easy! I shared a picture a while back of the banana pudding I made for my Papaw while he was here visiting. Mom and I guessed that his mother most likely made a cooked custard, layer it with the bananas and cookies before putting it in the fridge. He remembers eating it cold throughout his childhood.

We also discovered that vanilla jello pudding didn’t hit the market till the mid to late 1930’s or there about. Chocolate instant pudding came out around 1936 so I’m sure it wasn’t long after that the vanilla instant pudding came out in stores. I can’t say exactly when my great-grandmother would have switched over, if ever, to the instant pudding mix. But no matter how it’s made, baked or not, banana pudding brings back happy memories of family get togethers and summer time for most people.


Banana Pudding


2 large boxes of instant vanilla pudding powder

4 cups milk

4 bananas, sliced

1 box nilla wafer cookies, reserving a small handful of cookies to crush

4 quart pan or bowl


In a large mixing bowl, blend together, with either a hand mixer or whisk, vanilla pudding powder with milk, until powder is completely blended, smooth and thick. Set aside. Prepare your serving dish by covering the bottom with a single layer of cookies. If using a Tulip bowl (click here) or trifle bowl (click here) you’ll want to place some cookies around the side using the bottom layer to stabilize the cookies going up. Spoon in just enough pudding to cover the bottom layer of cookies. Slice a banana and cover the pudding layer completely; you may need more than one banana as you build up your layers while adding more cookies up the side of the bowl. Cover the the bananas with another layer of cookies; press down slightly and repeat this process until you get to the top layer. With the reserved cookies, crush them carefully with a rolling pin (you don’t want a powder). Sprinkle the crumbs over the top, cover and set in fridge until ready to serve. 

You can make this recipe with one box of pudding, I think the original recipe only called for one but our family loves it so much we use two 🙂 It makes more since we’re family of 5 and it goes father when we have guests. Hope you enjoy!

Amanda Gayle


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