National Sugar Cookie Day

Today is National Sugar Cookie Day! If you’re looking for a chewy sugar cookie recipe, look no further!

Night Owl Kitchen

I’m going to preface my post by saying, I don’t like to bake with “littler helpers”. This is why I bake at night, in the wee hours of the morning when I can be alone to do whatever it is I have planned. I notice I can get more done this way and more quickly as well. I’ve been told I’m like my Great Grandmother , Memaw, and Mother who all didn’t have kids in their kitchens either. With that said, I do intend on teaching my son to cook and to know his way around the kitchen…just not right now at this point in time. This Momma can’t handle it! LOL However, this is a great recipe for you out there who love to bake with your kids. It’s simple, tasty and every child is going to love the end result of a warm freshly baked cookie!

We love…

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