Book Nook Freebie: 31 Days To A Clean and Organized Home

So excited about today’s book nook freebie, I love reading books that give me a fresher view on how to improve the home. Hope you all head on over to down load it and share the link with others!!

You can either click the picture above or click “31 Days To a Clean and Organized Home” in order to download the book.

My favorite chapters so far are three, four, and five. Chapter four was bit of a tough love chapter because even I fail at keeping our home spotless and organize. It’s a great chapter and lays out why people fail. I think the thing for me is I get an idea of how I want it to be (aka perfect) and I fall terribly short of reaching that goal because let’s face it, I’m not perfect! So I need to work on stop setting these unreachable goals and stop telling myself there’s plenty of time to get around to cleaning.

Truth moment:

Because I’m blogging now, doing lots of research for my posts, advertising my site, and back into a new school year my plate feels doubly full and cleaning is the last thing I want to do. Honestly. If I could get away with not having to do it I would. So the clutter grows just a little bit more on the table tops, the laundry sits in the basket a few days longer before getting folded, and deep cleaning the stove top gets put off for another week. There’s really no excuse, no buts, just being lazy and not wanting to do yet one more thing.

Today’s Goal:

  • Clean off the table tops which includes dusting and wiping down the glass insert.
  • Fold basket of laundry.

What will you do today to clean or organize one thing in your home? It can be one area or one room (if you’re feeling motivated).

Have a blessed day 🙂



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