Taco Salad Dip

Hope your Friday has been a good one so far. I’ve got a great recipe here that’s perfect for parties, get togethers, reunions, church socials, baby showers, bridal showers, you name it. This is a versatile dip that can be customized with your favorite ingredients and flavors.

Here’s what you’ll need::


1 disposable casserole pan

2 bricks of cream cheese, room temp

2 vine ripe tomatoes

1 9–oz bag of prepared lettuce

1 24–oz jar of your favorite salsa

2 cans of refried beans

2 cups of shredded cheese of your choice, more if you prefer

002    005

In a medium mixing bowl add the cream cheese bricks and refried beans. It was a total fluke that both cans emptied so perfectly! Usually I’m having to scrap the cans out just to get every last morsel out. Get your beaters ready and mix until all the cream cheese is blended in completely.


Pour into pan and spread it out evenly with a silicone spatula.

008 010012

Next, spread the entire back of your lettuce mix over the bean/cream cheese mixture. Press it lightly into the beans, make sure to get the corners good too!

014 015

Pour the entire jar of salsa over the lettuce layer and spread it out. I like to start from the middle and work my way out to the edges and corners.


Spread shredded cheese over the salsa, very lightly press this layer into the salsa layer.

026 027 028

For the top layer, begin quartering your tomatoes. Remove the pulp and seeds, cut each fourth into four strips. Chop into bits. 

029 031

One tomato covers about half the salad dip, so be sure to use two tomatoes. Cover with foil and keep refrigerated until it’s time to serve.

Add Ins::

I have added sliced black olives to this on top with the tomatoes. You can add some heat to this with some chopped up jalapenos or use a spicier salsa blend. If you want to add onions I would recommend green onions instead of raw yellow or vidalia. Unless you prefer the raw onion flavor(go for it)!

End Result::


It was a hit! Plus it’s an easy way to dress up tacos, just add your mexi-meat to your taco shell and top it off with a spoonful of this taco salad dip. Me? I prefer it right out of a bowl with a few chips and a spoon. This a perfect vegetarian dish as well!

Hope you all enjoy 🙂


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