Monday, Monday, so good to me!

Love the song by the Mama’s and the Papa’s “Monday, Monday”. Been driving my kiddo bonkers with music from my Mom’s days. Playing a lot of Mama Cass, the Carpenter’s, even some Bread. Some days you just need to play music you can bob your head to while you work.

Both Saturday and Sunday were busy for us, we celebrated my oldest nephew’s birthday Saturday and then my Mom’s birthday on Sunday. Tried a new dessert for my nephew’s birthday, called White Chocolate Golden Oreo Frozen Dessert Pie. He was wanting something with white chocolate, so Friday night I scoured the internet looking up some inspiration. That’s when I came across Julie’s Eats and Treats recipe (<—Click there).

Josh Bday and Apple Pear Butter 003    Josh Bday and Apple Pear Butter 009

I took some liberties in changing up a few things. My nephew asked that instead of a golden Oreo crust that it be made with a double stuffed Oreo crust, and instead of Baker’s white chocolate bars I used ghirardelli white chocolate chips. For presentation I stuck a double stuffed Oreo in the top. This was a good recipe, a little odd once it was time to dig in. Everyone remarked that the white chocolate and cool whip part reminded them of marshmallow cream. It was interesting, different, and could be improved upon.

Why does mine look all globby? After melting the white chocolate chips I stirred in the mostly thawed cool whip. Mostly thawed, not completely thawed. My mistake, the still frosty cool whip made the melted white chocolate seize up and I wasn’t able to pour it over the cheesecake layer. So with a plastic spoon and plastic knife I had to drop the white chocolate mixture over the pie in globs. I did that in two layers with crushed golden Oreo’s in between them. It ate the same in the end 🙂

Mom was little bit easier to please, all she wanted was some Long John Silver’s fish and ice cream (but not together lol).

Last night I decided to use up the apples and pears a friend of mine gave me a couple of weeks ago. The family loves apple butter but I’ve been wanting to try pear butter as well…this time I put the two together to make a spiced apple pear butter! W00T W00T!!

Josh Bday and Apple Pear Butter 011

I snapped this picture this morning after about 13 hours of slow cooking. It’s not even done yet. Too bad you can’t do a scratch n sniff on your screen, it smells that good! I based it off a recipe I found some time ago and couldn’t really remember the exact recipe so I went with what I could remember. Brown sugar(about 1 cup), molasses (1/4 cup), cinnamon(1 tsp), and added the rest of our gala apples along with (about 6-8 apples). Later on today I’ll take the stick blender (boat motor as we like to call it) and reduce the chunks a bit more. Once the mixture has thickened I’ll let it cool, portion it out into freezer bags and after 24 hours place those bags into food saver bags to further preserve them. 

All in all it was a great weekend, full of memories and laughter! Hope you all have a blessed day 🙂 


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