Health Check (Teal) Tuesday: Keeping Your Kid(s) Healthy During the School Year


Happy Teal Tuesday everyone! If you didn’t see last Tuesday’s post on the Night Owl Kitchen Facebook Page, I’ve joined in wearing teal every Tuesday in support for all PCOS Cysters (myself included) and all the women with gynecological cancers. There is no division between us ladies, because one can most certainly have something to do with the other. Especially when one neglects to take care of herself. This is why Teal Tuesdays are so important! It’s spreading awareness to the insidious, cruel, and life altering syndrome known as PCOS and to the ever growing numbers of women(and in some cases young girls) who find themselves with ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, vaginal cancer, endometrial cancer and endometriosis.  There is so much that doctors have still yet to learn about PCOS and have yet to find a cure for, because frankly there isn’t a cure. Once you have it you will always have it, it’s very sad to think that way but the truth can be ugly sometimes. Should we let that deprive us of our livelihood? Absolutely not! We should embrace every aspect of our flaws, illness, and accept that we have been chosen to carry this teal torch for the good of all women! 

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With school just around the corner for most, though some may have already started, many folks are buying hand soap and paper towels in bulk. I noticed over this past weekend, since it was out tax free weekend here in Alabama, there were more parents and quite possibly teachers out stocking up on tissues, paper towels, hand soaps, and sanitizers. I’ve even noticed that places such as Bath and Body Works are offering amazing deals on hand sanitizers and antibacterial products. If your kid(s) is/are anything like mine then you keep a steady supply of hand sanitizer liquid, wipes, and soaps in the house and car. We never go anywhere without a few hand wipes in our pockets or bags and I usually keep at least two mini hand sanitizers in my purse now. We’ve done this for a year now and have noticed a dramatic difference in our family getting sick.

So what are some ways that you can help keep your little ones healthier this year?

The obvious one is to practice good hygiene. It’s important for us, as parents, to stress proper hygiene to our kids. Let’s face it, most kids love getting dirty and the worse it is the more fun it is! My boy loves getting hot and sweaty, he thinks it’s a riot the nastier he is. He’s now at that stage where I no longer have to bathe him myself but stay nearby while he washes up. Before I turn off the water I ask him if he washed from head to toe and if he forgot something he has to go back wash up. But proper hygiene doesn’t stop in the shower, there’s also the need for proper dental care, stinky breath is a huge social turn off, as well as dirty nails and hair. So be sure to stress the importance of keeping their bodies clean, not just for social acceptance, but for their over all health!

Vitamins and supplements are another great way to keep your kids healthy during the school year. If your child isn’t accustomed to taking them it would be good idea to set up a visible schedule of when they should take their next round. Of course there are plenty of forms of vitamins and supplements, chewable, gummy, capsules, tablets, liquid. The best way to get those vitamins is by eating healthy food according to your families dietary needs. Not every family can live by the food pyramid/plate, survive only on vegetarian lifestyles or do well on loads of gluten. We all have to find what works for each of our families and only stress healthy eating in general. Become that voice for your family’s health and well being, taking charge to make sure everyone in your household is eating the proper food, getting the best supplements and vitamins that you can afford, and having the occasional treat isn’t going to hurt you. Moderation is key no matter what your diet or lifestyle is.

A Clean Home is a Happy Home—I’m not saying we ladies need to dress up like June Clever and clean the house in our pearls (lol) nor should we break the bank trying to buy every single cleaning product in order to be like the actors in those cleaning commercials. Seriously, the best kind of supplies are the simplest ones:: cleaning rags that can be bleached and sun dried, bleach and lysol. No need to get fancy, in fact I prefer getting those spray bottles down on the cleaning aisle and buying concentrated lysol. Dilute the lysol according to the directions and go about cleaning the nonporous surfaces. Bleach is good for the more high traffic areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms. Keep a supply of paper towels in all the bathrooms, this is better than fabric hand towels by far. While we use sponges I try my level best to change them out after a weeks use. When I have wipe off the counter tops or stove top I use clorox wipes and paper towels. Try your best to minimize using a sponge for general kitchen cleaning, and if you are a hardcore sponge fan use a different sponge for each task rather than the same one over and over. You’ll spread less germs and help prevent less illness in your home!

Keep their lunch boxes cleaned and sanitize. I remember having those insulated lunch bags when I was elementary and junior high. They were great at keeping my food hot or cold but man did they breed some nasty germs. The great thing is that they can be turned inside out and cleaned thoroughly with some bleach and air dried. Plastic lunch boxes need special attention too with plenty of hot water and soap. I would recommend a good scrubbing at least once a week or when needed in case of a spill inside the tote/box.

Sleep is so important for proper health. Getting your kids to bed at a decent hour each night will help their bodies to re-energize and rejuvenate after a long day of stress. Kids are not much different from adults, setting a nightly routine (which no doubt you already have established) is pertinent to their winding down at night. Yes, even teens needs to adhere to are nightly routine just as much as little kids and adults. Be sure as a family to agree upon a schedule and be sure to keep everyone on it. 

Be sure everyone gets plenty of water. Now Mom and Dad, I’m not going to sit here and lecture you about kids drinking sodas…what goes on in your household and what you allow is your business. What I will stress is the importance for good filtered water. Water is essential to our lives, it keeps our organs running smoothly, helps to flush out unwanted toxins, and it’s very hydrating.  Everyone should have their own BPA-free water bottle or stainless steel water bottle, keep a Brita or Pur water filtering system in your home and freeze your own ice cubes if you have the room.

There used to be a song played on Nick Junior–years ago–that said “don’t stick your fingers up your nose, ’cause your nose knows it’s not the place it goes. You can sniffle, you can sneeze, but I’m asking you PLEASE, don’t stick your fingers up your nose.” Lol well those words are as true today as they were 16–17 years ago when my oldest nephew was learning that song. Your nose has it’s own built in filtering system. Those little pesky hairs up there help to trap debris that we unknowingly breathe in. But how much worse it is after we touched something that’s caked in invisible germs and proceed to put a finger up the nose or eat without washing our hands first? That image alone makes me shiver! So be sure to keep little hands clean at all times, and remind the little ones to keep their fingers out of their mouth and nose.

If by chance someone does gets sick, because it’s not 100% preventable, it’s imperative that you go into prevention mode. Isolate the sickly to one specific area as much as you can, keep sanitizing wipes handy, lysol spray the air any time there is a sneeze or cough, and make sure the rest of the family is diligent with hand washing and staying away from those who are sick. Even when taking those measures it is possible for someone else to get sick, but it is prudent to try your level best to keep everyone else in your home from getting sick as well. If it happens that everyone is laid up with a cold or flu don’t sweat it, just make sure everyone stays hydrated, everyone gets their dose of medicine on time and keep plenty of homemade chicken noodle soup on hand for anyone that wants it.

In the end we can’t expect others to keep us from getting sick. We have be active in making sure our families stay in tip top shape, so this school year go that extra mile in protecting your kids from picking up germs at school and at home. Don’t beat yourself up or stop trying once someone in your family comes down with the sniffles. Once everyone is well get back preventative methods and be that gentle reminder to your family the importance to staying healthy this year.

Have a blessed day!



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    • Thank you so much 🙂 My blog is hosted through WordPress and I wanted to make sure that it was user friendly so I only have one page to which everything is posted to. You can certainly click on each post to read it individually or to share. Most of my readers do prefer the simplicity of my page, it does load rather quickly and everyone seems to like how easy it is to navigate through the articles. Thanks again so much for stopping by 🙂

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