Food Storage 101: Freezing Bell Peppers

Well, here we are again, I swear the weeks are just flying on by! I haven’t done a food storage 101 post for some time and thought it best to put one up 🙂 I recently acquired some homegrown bell peppers from my very good friend D. She’s been very kind to share her abundant summer harvest with my family this year since we were unable to have a garden this year. I’ve enjoyed being able to put up vegetables and fruits (the apples and pears, from my other friend T) all the while sharing the goodies I make with them.

This last Monday I had to get cracking on processing the bell peppers because I knew I would be getting more by that evening. We usually buy our bell peppers from Sam’s Club that come 6 to a package. It’s a great buy, get a couple of them during a pay week and start chopping! It’s helped to cut down on our weekly grocery bill and if I ever need some bell pepper for a recipe I can go down to the freezer and grab a package. This also works great for onions, spicy peppers, and okra too! 

Green Bell Pepper Post 001

You can see the obvious difference between the home grown variety and the store bought variety. But I must confess, the home grown peppers have a better flavor than the store bought peppers. There is no exact way to cut and prepare bell peppers for freezing. It all depends on what you plan to use them for. If you know you’re going to need sliced bell peppers for a dish then slice up as many you think you’ll need. You can dice or chop them as well.

Green Bell Pepper Post 002

The number one thing I can never stress enough is to label, label, label. Write the name of the item you’re going to freeze and the date you’re putting it up. I like using a black permanent marker, it shows up better for me than say blue or red.

Green Bell Pepper Post 003    Green Bell Pepper Post 004

Again, no set method in how to cut up the bell peppers. The majority of recipes that I use call for chopped peppers, here I just cut the peppers into fourths and removed the seeds. Slice each section up and begin chopping them. 

Green Bell Pepper Post 007

Once you’ve filled up a bag, squeeze as much air out of as you can. You can use food saver bags if you prefer which will help preserve them longer if you don’t intend to use them right away. Works great in soups, skillet dishes, casseroles, etc., just not on cold salads. Once thawed they are watery and mushy, not at all crisp.  When I add them to my cooking I don’t thaw them, dump them in frozen and let them cook till tender. Simple and quick!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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