Health Check Tuesday: How alkaline is your phlegm?

Finally, the internet has come back on. Every Tuesday I keep having connectivity issues and today it was even affecting my iPod. I’m not a technical person, if it’s broke I don’t know how to fix it. In short it’s been a trying morning over here. An exercise in patience for sure.

Onward we go…No doubt my Mom is going to skip reading this post hehe…ever stop to wonder why you have so much phlegm? Why after a certain time in the day there seems to be more than usual? I’ll be honest, I never really gave it much thought until earlier this year. It’s interesting how certain foods will affect our bodies and we don’t even realize it. I already knew that drinking milk would affect my mucous and isn’t good for strep throat (or my lactose intolerance issues), but I had no idea that foods containing wheat or soy could affect mucous, sinuses, and nasal passage inflammation. If you are constantly battling the phlegm in your life there could be a perfect solution just waiting to be harnessed.

Going alkaline has been a life altering and saving solution for me. It’s helped me with my stomach issues, IBS, body aches, migraines, and yes phlegm issues. I’m pretty much the only kid in my family that doesn’t have issues with pollen, cat dander, hay or ragweed allergies. However I do suffer with food allergies and sensitivities (yay) which the rest of the family can’t relate to. Yes I have to be different! With the aid of the alkaline lifestyle I’ve been able to address these health issues one at a time!

The first issue I had to tackle was my addiction to gluten foods. Where most ladies go for chocolate, I want to savory breads, chips, and quick breads. It’s a dangerous thing to come between me and my Mom’s homemade yeast rolls! And I absolutely love eating wraps, no joke, leftovers go great in a wrap! But all that gluten was obviously doing more harm than good. Even with lower carb bread options and lower carb tortillas I was still gaining weight and feeling miserable. Going low carb wasn’t enough for me, I had to make myself give up the gluten, yes even the lower carb gluten options, and sacrifice my cravings for the betterment of my health. It wasn’t easy, I still struggle with it on a daily basis, and when I’m tempted to make myself a piece of toast, a waffle or eat a slice of cake I have to remind myself what the consequences will be…especially when I want to do it on a daily basis. Being a gluten junkie is far worse than being a crack addict or alcoholic. You have to have food to survive and when gluten is in practically everything it is difficult to get away from it.

Enter in my food saving options:: Coconut Flour and Almond Flour/Meal. These two gluten free options are really the only things I can use when I get a hankering for a baked good or treat. Takes some getting use to, especially the coconut flour and the reason I limit myself to those two flours is because they are the lowest in carbs. I can’t have spelt, millet, rice flour, gluten free flour, or any of the other gluten free options because of the carbs. It’s one thing to have a carb issue without the gluten problem but it’s another to have a problem with both. It can severely limit ones food options and make it difficult to remain faithful. Especially when you’re like me and love to bake! I’ve had to learn how to bake all over again for myself and while it’s beneficial to my health it is frustrating trying to relearn a whole different method. I’ve gotten used to it, sure, learned a few tricks along the way to improve certain baked goods to help their texture, but it will never be the same. It’s just one of those things you have to learn to accept in the end. If your body can’t handle the gluten anymore then you have to find other ways to cope, it’s been a grown up decision that’s been hard to swallow at times.

Bottom line–going gluten free has helped me tremendously with my health issues, has helped reduce my phlegm reduction as well.

(Sorry Mom)

I begin to notice I’m too acidic once I get a tinge of yellow in my mucous. That might be a TMI for some but it works better than litmus strips!

Other foods I had to say goodbye to included unfermented soy and dairy. These foods caused many other issues for me as well but they also increased my phlegm production. One of the ways I can tell that my body is too acidic is when my throat is full of mucous and my nose is stuffy. By increasing my alkaline food, water, and alkaline lemonade within a couple of days I am able to tell a great difference in my phlegm production. Since I was never a milk fan before, giving up dairy hasn’t been all that difficult. I do treat myself to the occasional cup of Activia blueberry yogurt and I love eating Parmesan and Mozzarella cheese, but most gluten foods that contain soy I have to shun. With soy being used in practically everything these days it makes eating extremely difficult, I find however that the longer I stay away from such foods the better I feel! Is this a cure all for everyone? Absolutely not, because not everyone is the same.But I challenge you all to stop and think why you aren’t able to lose the weight? Why eating diet food isn’t helping? What is it about those ingredients that’s making it near impossible to get healthy?

There are more obese Americans with numerous health issues, I count myself among them, than there are anywhere else. We are a gluttonous nation and I often liken us to pigs being fatten up for the slaughterhouse. Pigs will eat anything you give them, Americans have become the same way. Soy in every product, who cares it’s healthy right? Well, I hate to burst everyone’s happy bubble but soy isn’t safe for everyone, especially men and anyone who doesn’t have a properly working thyroid *raises hand*.

I understand that going alkaline isn’t for everyone, but doing just a little bit is better than going all the way. You could begin to notice some dramatic changes in your daily life. All you would be doing is increasing certain vegetables and fruits while decreasing caffeine (don’t kill the messenger here lol) and other highly acidic foods such as beef, pork and artificial sweeteners. Who doesn’t want to take less medicine to combat inflamed nasal passages, post nasal drip, and mucous filled lungs? I would like to think that would be on everyone’s list!! Sure would free up some extra money to put towards other expenses.

Below is a chart of the most alkaline foods all the way to the most acidic. If you’re at all curious as to how you can begin making some small life saving changes in not only your life but your loved ones as well, then print this chart below. Take inventory of what you already have in your fridge, freezer and pantry, taking note of certain health issues that you and your family struggle with, and begin making a plan based on how you can begin living a healthier life by reducing the acidic foods that you all consume. It helps to keep a daily, weekly, or monthly log about how certain foods are affecting you, usually if you have a sensitivity to something it will manifest itself within a couple of hours, while an allergic reaction may take less time and be almost instant. We should all be proactive in our health and taking preventative measures at home instead of trying to treat the symptoms later. You’ll be able to save yourself a lot of money this way and you’ll feel better too!

Hope you all have a blessed Tuesday!!

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