Book Nook Freebie & Food Storage Friday

Got a yummy free ebook for y’all! It’s all about easy jar recipes which can all so be stored for long term storage! If you find yourself running out of time to make holiday goodies for everyone on your Christmas list (teachers, neighbors, close friends, co-workers, extended family members, etc) then try your hand at making some jarred goodies and help free up your holidays just a tad more!

(Click the above image to download)

Just spent some time going through this book and already I want to get started on making up several jars to give away this fall and Christmas to friends and family. I love how simplistic Bonnie Scott has made it and she tells you what to include on the labels. Now the only thing missing are said labels…

I do have a few links of some free printable Mason jar labels.  (There are 15 free printables here)  (Various Holidays and Other labels)

Now I love printing these out on card stock paper, punch a hole at the top and thread some ribbon or twine through it to tie onto the jar. You can use coordinating ribbon to keep with the festive flare, or if you prefer you can print these onto adhesive label sheets for easy placement onto the jar lids.

Cookie mixes are always hit with most folks, but a lot of people just like having something ready to munch on. That’s why crackers, bridge mixes, chex mixes, and granolas are always on the top of my list to give! It helps to give others a break from the hustle and bustle of the holiday, allowing them to take a break from a hot kitchen and just relax before a roaring fire with their loved ones 🙂 Which there is nothing better than making sweet memories around the holidays!

So now’s the time to get started, get your bulk ingredients ready, buy up those summer canning jars while they’re on sale and that way you’ll be set to make some fantabulous jarred gifts instead of waiting to the last minute worrying about what to give everyone. That is never fun and causes more headache than enjoyment. Have a blessed Friday!!


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