Apple Fritter Cake Review

Good morning everyone!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I know it’s a bummer that it’s over but onward we must go 🙂

Seeing how this is the last week of August I’ve decided to dub it the “Last Hoorah”. It’s been a busy crazy month for us, hopefully now that we’re done with our first six weeks things will start to settle down and I can begin incorporating some new material into this place. I have a finger knitting project I’d like to try, crack open my low carb cookbook and share some healthy food to help spread awareness for PCOS(Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). Yes, all of September is PCOS Awareness month. It will be a jam packed month so don’t be surprised to see multiple posts on here about various subjects, and learning some TMI facts about how PCOS affects not just the ovaries but the entire body. So, if you are bit squeamish or have a low constitution for such information then I caution you now. Hence, why I’m making this last week of August the “Last Hoorah”, it’ll be a celebration in and of itself, you won’t want to miss out 🙂

This morning I started our day off with a recipe I found last night on a fellow wordpress blog. Nerdy Baker (love the name btw) shared this amazing apple fritter cake recipe that I just had to try! Her pictures were enticing, literally made my mouth water and I was hooked! So, I sent my kiddo off to do a few things I knew he could handle on his own: writing spelling words 1x’s each, memorize Isaiah 53:1–6, and practice the first part of the Declaration of Independence(which is due Sept.6). That gave me plenty of time to whip up this amazing cake.

Homemade Enchiladas and Apple Fritter Cake 014    Homemade Enchiladas and Apple Fritter Cake 016

It truly doesn’t get any better than those two pictures, oh wait a minute…it does…As this cake was baking the aroma filled the kitchen and family room. Taking me back to crisp fall mornings with cinnamon, nutmeg, apples, and warm french vanilla goodness! The only thing that could have made this anymore perfect would have been some cinnamon ice cream drenched in caramel 😀 Oh yeah!

The recipe was simple in itself, I made a couple of  minor changes today. For the glaze I used french vanilla coffee creamer instead of regular milk and vanilla extract. It lends another layer of flavor and compliments the cinnamon and apples perfectly! This is definitely a crowd pleaser, my son who wasn’t too sure about it, was impressed and told me it was better than store bought apple fritters. High praises indeed!! Any time he lauds over something I cook or bake must mean it’s a keeper, for he is a very picky eater.

The texture of the cake was somewhat dense, not sour cream pound cake dense just a tad denser than your average light cake,  and holds up beautiful to the apples and glaze. It is a rather sweet cake, if you want to cut the sugar first use granny smith apples instead of Gala. That should help, and if you’re not a fan of chunks of apples you can shred the apples. A food processor with the shredding attachment makes quick work of the apples. I keep pluralizing the word apple because I chose to use 3 instead of 1. Of which I’m glad I did since I chose to cut mine smaller. If you decide to shred you may need to use more than one apple, I do that any time I make actual fritters.

Second minor change I made was to use a few scoops of homemade apple pear butter to that of applesauce. I could have defrosted some homemade applesauce, but in a pinch the apple pear butter worked perfectly! It provided it’s apple pear flavor to the batter and tinting the color of the cake only slightly. It was a great addition, one I highly recommend!

Understanding that all ovens are different, I only had to bake the cake for 30 minutes. Again, adjust accordingly, you alone know whether or not your oven bakes mild or hot. All in all this was an easy recipe to make, perhaps not your typical week day morning breakfast recipe, but it could easily be served as a dessert with ice cream.

Homemade Enchiladas and Apple Fritter Cake 008

This is definitely a keeper, perfect for a brunch, dessert, a Saturday morning breakfast for the family served up with hot coffee, milk, and hot apple cider. Be sure to head on over to Nerdy Baker to leave your review. Happy baking!!


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