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Evening everyone! Tonight was a night to make a few different meals to appease everyone’s taste. I first made a creamy burrito bake, followed by a steak salad, and finally a chicken salad. For a lower carb dessert I attempted to make a “soft serve” out of whipped cream and mashed strawberries. I didn’t let it freeze till it was rock hard, just long enough to get frosty. It was a pleasant treat, not one I’d want to indulge in too often because of it’s acidity but a guilt free dessert for anyone living a lower carb lifestyle!

I started off with the creamy burrito bake. It was simple, easy to throw together and a hit with the family!

Low Carb Foods 018    Low Carb Foods 020

I found the recipe on Spark Recipes, just one of my favorite sites to get dinner inspirations. The net carbs per serving is 9.9 grams.

What you’ll need:

1 pound ground hamburger

1 packet taco seasoning or 1 to 1 1/2 tblsp homemade taco seasoning

8 oz shredded cheese(monteray jack cheese or any that you prefer)

1 can cream of mushroom soup

1/2 cup sour cream

4 oz mild salsa

8 Low Carb high fiber tortillas (the only ones I keep in the house)

Brown ground beef and add taco seasoning and cook according to package directions.

Mix together the can of soup, sour cream and taco sauce.

Spray a 9 x 12 pan with cooking spray. Spoon 1/3 of the soup mixture into pan. Divide meat mixture evenly between the tortillas and sprinkle cheese in shell before folding and putting into pan.
Reserve about 1/2 – 3/4 cup cheese.

Spread rest of soup mixture onto the shells and top with the rest of the cheese.

Bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes until bubbly and cheese is melted.

This serves 8

General consensus:: It was good. I may substitute the sour cream with cream cheese, it seems to hold up better than sour cream does. You can use any cheese you like, I just used a regular cheddar cheese since that’s what we keep on hand.

Low Carb Foods 010

For my Dad I used up the leftover steak from last night’s meal. Warmed it up, sliced it thinly and placed it over a mixed salad with tomato. As for how my Dad seasons it? Salt, pepper on one side and a homemade Outback Steak Seasoning on the other side. He topped them off with some homemade garlic butter and lets them rest before serving. That’s it! He was very pleased to have this tonight. Salads are pretty much a staple when living a low carb lifestyle, how you dress it up depends on your taste!

Low Carb Foods 013

For myself I chose to warm up some Tyson grilled chicken strips that I had marinated in a little soy sauce and served it over another mixed salad. It was a nice change, all that was missing was an egg roll (wishful thinking). You can dress up the Tyson grilled chicken however you like, I’ve even seasoned it with my favorite grill seasoning for a little extra kick. I left the tomatoes off my salad tonight and added extra organic cucumber.

Low Carb Foods 024

And for a dessert I looked around online for a suitable solution for a lower carb “soft serve”. Everything called for sugar, confectioners sugar, and I can’t use those ingredients. So, I kept it simple. I whipped up a 1/2 cup of heavy cream (which will make 1 cup of whipped cream) with 1/8 cup Stevia in the Raw. It was important to over whip it. Partially thaw 1/2 cup of frozen strawberries and put into a food processor or blender. It almost resembled a puree except for a few chunks here and there, to which I folded gently into the whipped cream. Not completely either, there were pockets of plain whipped cream and strawberry puree. Let it freeze for an hour or two, depending on how firm you like it. I let it sit for an hour in the freezer, it was firm around the edges and frosty toward the center. It was quite tasty, again not something I want to make all the time but a nice treat. It will serve two generously and stretch to serve three if needed.

1/2 Serving: 5.6 net carbs

1/3 serving: 3.7 net carbs

If you are a PCOS cyster looking for a lower carb dessert this may not be for you. Though I’m lactose intolerant I’ve never had any issues with heavy cream. Mostly because I don’t consume it in large quantities, and one must take into consideration that not everyone suffers from the same lactase deficiency. However, I have found that taking one acidophilus pill prior to consuming any dairy does help me with my intolerance.

It’s been a mentally draining day and may even turn in early. Thankfully there’s nothing on the agenda to bake tonight. I am hoping to order some almond flour and coconut flour soon to start baking up some gluten free desserts that have become family favorites! Goodnight 🙂

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