PCOS Bake Sale and Guest Recipe Review

Hello everyone, welcome back and thank you for stopping by. This has been a great first week of PCOS Awareness. I have had a wonderful time meeting some new ladies online, making new friendships and hearing inspiring stories of conquering certain health issues. I love being a woman of teal, all my Cysters are radiant and very special to me! This year I wanted to inspire my Cysters and not only give them hope but to help them take back their lives. To not live under the oppression of PCOS but to say,within themselves, that they own PCOS, that they too can take charge in their health. To not let this endocrine disorder rule their lives in a negative way.

I’m humbled that the following words have been shared, liked, and reblogged by several ladies in a little over 24 hours. The picture is not my own, I found it while searching for an appropriate teal picture that embodied the persona of what a Woman of Teal would look like. We may not be beautiful on the outside, but we are all gorgeous women despite the flaws. So let the words below encourage you, give you a sense of strength and confidence and remind you that you are not defined by this disorder…You are the one who defines it.

Be a woman of teal. Strong, courageous, full of confidence, love and compassion. A woman of teal doesn’t let anything hold her back, not even when she stumbles and falls. She gets up, brushes herself off and keeps going! Be a woman of teal, you own PCOS, it does not own you!!

#pcos #strength #courage #bold #tough #fierce #love #teal

Today is the Teal Cupcake Bake Sale in Alice Texas. It starts at 3pmCST and ends around 5pmCST. If you live in or near Alice, TX please consider stopping over at Silver Star Food Stores this afternoon. No doubt they are going to have some amazing cupcakes to tempt everyone, I only wish I lived close enough to attend. All proceeds from this bake sale will be going to the PCOS Foundation which is located in Houtson,TX. Hoping they have a great turn out!

This morning we got off to a bit of a late start. It’s tough when everyone in the family is doing lower carb and your child is the odd man out. Determined to not let the time on the clock unnerve me I asked my kiddo what he wanted for breakfast. “Make something for me” is his standard reply, followed up with “blueberry waffles and turkey sausage”, he had that Wednesday morning and I try to not repeat any meal like that too often within the week. So, I got out my iPod, went to the SparkRecipe app and flipped through some of the healthier breakfast recipes. Came across a recipe by a SparkPeople User named PAISANS called Oatmeal “Cookie” Pancakes, it’s something, I will guess she, has made for her kids since they were little and it has become their family favorite. I thought why not, made the suggestion and received the green light from my child to make it!

Instead of me giving the review on this recipe I have asked G–Man, my son, to write what he thought about this recipe. Hope you enjoy not only the recipe but his sweet and honest thoughts πŸ™‚

Oatmeal Cookie Pancake Squares 005

“G–Man here,Β this is an oatmeal “cookie” pancake square. These tasted good, it reminded me of an oatmeal raisin cookie (just without the raisins). Now, the icing is made out powdered sugar and french vanilla coffee creamer. I think the icing on top was made very well, by my mom, and very sweet.

My Mom decided to make them into pancake squares to save time in cooking. I like them better made into squares, they were fluffy and warm right from the oven.”

Oatmeal Cookie Pancake Squares 015

“See, I ate it all up! I can’t wait to have it again!!!! G–Man, peace out.”

Love his review πŸ™‚ You all know I love to cut corners wherever I can, and making individual pancakes in the morning just isn’t doable for me. I did take some liberties in making the recipe work for us this morning. I used quick cooking oats rather than regular, but I felt like something was missing, perhaps it would be great with some golden raisins in it! You don’t have to put the french vanilla icing on top, you can eat these with your favorite syrup if you prefer. But the small piece that I ate did taste like an iced oatmeal cookie, very yummy!

Here are just a few pictures of putting everything together and the end result!

Oatmeal Cookie Pancake Squares 002Β Β  Oatmeal Cookie Pancake Squares 003

In the first picture I mixed all the ingredients together according to the recipe. Lined an 8×8 inch square pan with release foil and baked it in a 350 degree oven for 20 minutes. Be sure to test the center with a toothpick or cake tester to make sure its done. It’s that simple!

Oatmeal Cookie Pancake Squares 010

G–Man was excited to eat his breakfast on one of our special Brazilian plates. I told him that since he was going to be the one to write the review that he would get to eat the first piece on the special plate after photos. He was excited and of course warned to be very careful with that plate, we can’t get replacements after all.

Be sure to check out the recipe at SparkRecipes (<—click there for recipe) and please share your thoughts and how you made it your own! It would make a nice Saturday morning breakfast with your family and baking it into squares is a great alternative to the more traditional pancake rounds. They can be frozen, warmed up and enjoyed on those busy mornings when everyone is in a hurry to get to school or work. Just be sure to leave the “icing” off the top, wrap individually in plastic wrap and store in freezer bags or container. Hope you all enjoy!

Have a blessed day πŸ™‚


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