Book Nook Freebie & Friday Food Saving Tip

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Hello everyone! Since getting back to full on lower carb and alkaline lifestyles I have lost 5 pounds in a week. I’m sure that’s just water weight but that’s 5 less pounds that I no longer have to carry around. WOO-HOO!! I haven’t even really been able to work out with the way my schedule is and yesterday with my back being out. It was solely because of eating the right foods for me, so yes it can be done and you can do it too! One of the main things I’ve been eating are salads. Nothing special with a lot of ingredients, just lettuce, organic cucumber, chicken, and a little dressing. Lunches have been a hit or miss this week, I know that’s not good,  but when I do remember to eat I usually go for a simple chicken salad with black and green olives and shredded cheddar cheese that’s been mixed with some homemade mayonnaise. Sounds gross but it’s actually really good and filling! I was excited to see the above ebook on Amazon, love trying new things after all.  As I shared on Instagram this morning, it’s important to change up your meals to keep things interesting. For low carb eaters it can be difficult when there are certain things we can’t have. But of the foods that are safe and low in carbs I say load up on them, especially if they are carb free.

Now salads don’t have to be green in order to be healthy. There is a delicious pasta salad recipe in this book that looks very promising! I love using Dreamfield’s Pasta for pasta salads (I don’t recommend even Dreamfield’s Pasta for diabetics, please be aware that there not everyone can tolerate even that low carb pasta). It always comes out al dente, which holds up better in salad form and I love that these recipes can be tailored to your specific dietary needs! If you know you can’t have a certain ingredient or prefer a lighter or fattier version of oil you can use whatever you prefer. What’s important is that you pick and choose the right ingredients that will promote a healthier you! So be sure to head on over to Amazon to get your free copy of this yummy cookbook and start eating for a healthier you!

For two weeks now I’ve been cooking up turkey bacon, marinading chicken, boiling eggs, and keeping egg muffins in the fridge for quick and easy meals. It’s been nice going to the fridge and pulling out some cooked eggs and bacon for breakfast, and slicing up the chicken to eat on a wrap with lettuce and spicy brown mustard. It just takes a little planning, making sure you have everything for the first round of cooking, and by mid week cooking up an alternative to help keep from getting bored with my meals.
There have been days where I just chop up some cucumber, red onion, kale, and eat it for a meat free meal. That’s good to do every once in a while, kind of like a cleanse to detox your system. Be sure to balance out the fruits and vegetables that are safe for you to eat with the proper amount of protein and fiber.

For breakfast I like to prepare the following:

Boiled Eggs

Egg Muffins

Pork Sausage Patties

Turkey and Regular Bacon

Boiling eggs is pretty much the easiest thing to do. Well, I learned earlier this year the trick to getting the eggs to peel with ease it by putting salt in the water. I get liberal with the salt every time I boil up some eggs. Depending on the size eggs you’re boiling will determine how long you will need to boil them.  I always peel the eggs once they are cooled, wrapping them in a moist paper towel and store either in a plastic bag or container. This way my Dad won’t have to take the extra time in peeling them himself, he can just grab an egg or two and go. Makes his morning that much easier!

Egg Size

Degree of Doneness

Time Required


Soft-cooked yolk

3 minutes


Medium-cooked yolk

5 minutes


Hard-cooked yolk

12 minutes


Soft-cooked yolk

4 to 5 minutes


Medium-cooked yolk

6 minutes


Hard-cooked yolk

17 minutes

Extra Large

Soft-cooked yolk

5 minutes


Medium-cooked yolk

7 to 8 minutes


Hard-cooked yolk

19 minutes

Above is a chart that I have found to be extremely helpful when boiling large eggs. Print it out and keep handy on the fridge or in your favorite family cookbook! Image is courtesy of What’s Cooking America.

There are oodles of egg muffin recipes out there, which one to pick will be up to you! I am quite fond of the egg muffin (click here) recipe I shared from last week.  You can definitely add any vegetables you like, use different cheeses, use egg substitutes if you prefer, and really make it your own. The egg muffin recipe I used was a pretty basic recipe, nothing over the top and versatile enough to change up the flavors. I make a dozen every time, after turning them out of the pan you must let them cool completely before storing them in a ziploc bag or container. Everyone has enjoyed having them for breakfast and/or snack in the afternoons. These also freeze well so make up a bunch of egg muffins, wrap in saran wrap and place in freezer safe bag or container. All you’ll need to do then is take one or two out before you go to bed, place them in the fridge and reheat in the microwave the next morning.


(The images above are not mine, I found them through Bing Images, I love how neatly organized they are and how easily everything can be found. Even my fridge doesn’t look like this 🙂 If nothing else, let this serve as inspiration in how to store your prepared meals for the week. I’m definitely thinking of attacking my own this weekend to make it more efficient for our family.)

Feel free to cook up any breakfast meat you and your family will enjoy. Let it cool completely before storing in a ziploc bag or container. For a family of five I usually make a dozen patties because some mornings a family member might eat three instead of two patties and that’s all they may want for breakfast. Having a little extra for those occasions is a good idea! We make up two different kinds of bacon in our house, regular and turkey. Some family members like to eat both, so we buy it in bulk from Sam’s Club and keep it in the freezer until it’s time to cook up some more. Having cooked bacon in the fridge is a nice quick snack, addition to a salad or wrap. I never like to reheat it once it’s been cooked but you can certainly do that if you prefer. My son sure does 🙂

I haven’t branched out into make gluten-free breakfast muffins or quick breads. While it’s a nice treat to have, it isn’t very filling, the idea is to make meals that will hold everyone over until their next snack or meal without leaving them groggy or hungry two hours later. So choose wisely my young padawans 😉

For lunch and sometimes dinner I like to keep marinaded chicken cooked up and ready to go. It has become my staple these past two weeks, I’ve enjoyed them on salads, wraps, and even for breakfast with a boiled egg. You can use any marinade you like, I just kept it simple and used flavors that I’m familiar with. For seven chicken breasts I used:

Lemon Juice

Peanut Oil



Garlic Powder

Dried Minced Onion

Salt and Pepper

Place it all in a gallon size bag. Mush it all around and let it marinade overnight. The next day either grill, bake or pan cook the chicken till it is completely done (or till the meat reaches 165 degrees). There is no reason to reserve the marinade, I just toss it out. Let the meat cool completely and store in a plastic bag or container. The chicken was the most tender I had ever eaten! I think letting it sit overnight in the marinade really helped tenderize it, even after reheating for a minute in the microwave it still retained it’s tenderness. I was very pleased! Note I did not include any measurements, it was literally something I threw together and didn’t think twice about being specific about (my Mom gets on to me for that a lot). However, below I’ve included some links to similar recipes like mine and this weekend I will write down measurements in case anyone is interested in trying my marinaded chicken 🙂

Have fun prepping and getting your family ready for a new week! Take care and have a blessed weekend!!



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