A Paleo Breakfast: Baked Eggs in Ham Cups–Recipe Review

I love to cook, as if y’all didn’t already know that πŸ˜‰ But I enjoyed making these baked eggs in ham cups (or rather turkey cups). They were easy and very tasty! Yes I tried one, I had to lol someone had to be the guinea pig πŸ˜‰ Tina, over at Oh Snap! Let’s Eat, has a great recipe that I came across and decided to bake up a batch.

Turkey Egg Cups 011

As always, I took a little liberty with this recipe. Everyone really liked the veggie egg muffins I made last week and begged me to make them again. The compromise: I added veggies to these. Diced half a large onion and a whole green bell pepper. Cooked it in two tablespoons of butter, letting the vegetables get a little brown. Added some garlic powder, dried parsley (love parsley), salt and pepper. As always I greased up the muffin tin with organic palm shortening. You can use organic coconut oil, crisco or a preferred cooking spray. Baked according to the oven temp and time per the recipe. They came out fairly easily, a couple did stick but I think the turkey helped them to stick less. I think I need a new muffin tin πŸ™‚

Turkey Egg Cups 030

I liked the simplicity of this recipe the most. Tina (Oh Snap! Let’s Eat) really hit the nail on the head, sure it leaves the door open for tons of variations, but the foundational recipe will be present no matter what flavors you add! She presented such lovely step by step pictures I didn’t need to take any. Instructions were clear and easy to understand, and her variation of using a whole egg instead of scrambled is something I plan to try soon as well πŸ™‚

Turkey Egg Cups 016

See, couldn’t help myself!

All in all it’s a great recipe to start with, play with the flavors and ingredients. I’d say the only thing missing from mine is some cheese on top…next time for sure! I was able to use just one slice of turkey since they were a tad thicker than Tina’s. If your deli meat is somewhat thinner I would definitely double up just help give you a more substantial “shell” on the outside. These are definitely a keeper, looking forward to trying these with roast beef, veggies, and some homemade Philly cheese steak seasoning.Β  No doubt that would be a huge hit with the guys in my family!

If you do try these, be sure to pop on over to Oh Snap Let’s Eat and leave your review there for Tina!

Have a blessed day!


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