Write HOPE on Your Arm

PCOS Awareness5

Get your washable markers ready (permanent ones are welcomed too if you like) to write HOPE on your arm this Thursday! It may sound silly, childish even, but it’s something I find helps spread the word about PCOS. It makes people stop in their tracks and ask HOPE for what? Many do not realize that PCOS exists, how PCOS affects a woman’s body and the daily struggles we have to go through.

Plus there are millions of women out there who cannot have children, who are struggling with their medication, who can’t seem to catch a break with their PCOS symptoms, are struggling to get healthy and find it difficult to cope with their daily lives (thanks hormones).
This is a message for them as well, to remind them to not give up hope. That one day they too shall become mothers (adoption counts too), one day they will find the right medicine to work for them, that each good thing they do for themselves is helping to make them strong and healthier…it can be a powerful message if we all will take a few seconds this Thursday and post a picture of HOPE to them.

It can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, please consider joining me, my son, and nephew on this day to help spread PCOS Awareness and letting all the women around the world know that they are not alone! Have a blessed day 🙂



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