Write HOPE on Your Arm Day

It has arrived, it’s the one day I let my child write on himself, but for a good cause 🙂

Today my I asked my child what PCOS stood for, what it affected, and why we were writing HOPE on our arms. He answered each question accurately, and though you can’t see it clearly on his little arm he wrote: There is hope, help them…they need it. He’s so sweet, we talked about what the symptoms are (since the word ‘symptoms’ is on his Spelling list for the week). He asked me about cancer, I explained the importance to remove as much as sugar as possible from a woman’s diet so as not to feed any cancer cells. This is why lowering our carbs is important and only using natural sweeteners, such as Stevia, in our food and drinks. Going more alkaline helps in warding off cancer because cancer needs a more acidic environment to thrive, just like colds and flues do. 

Why write HOPE on your arm? I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I wanted to make sure it’s understood why I did it…

  • To let all my Cysters around the world know they are not alone in this.
  • I know and understand the daily struggles, this week has been horrible for me.
  • To keep moving forward, don’t stop trying to reach your goals, dreams, or the opportunity to make a difference.
  • To keep the faith, remain strong, and keep fighting!

Seeing the excitement on my son’s face today when he realized what day it was just made my day that much better! His sweet message of hope to everyone, a reminder that yes we need your help, we need your voice, and that we need your courage to not give up should be a message to not only women with PCOS but to every person on this planet. We can’t make a difference without you…please join us!

Have a blessed Thursday 🙂

HOPE Collage

(From L–R: Twitter and Tumblr handle, Instagram handle; From L–R: Blog and Facebook Name, my son’s message to everyone! There is HOPE!)

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