Crock Pot Fudge Brownies

Hiddy ho folks, just thought I’d toss an evening post at ya 🙂 Aren’t I a peach?! Welp, today was chock full of kitchen time. Went in around 2pm to try a couple of recipes, one of which I froze after it cooled, and the other is the topic of tonight’s post! I didn’t finally get to leave the kitchen till close to 7pm…not complaining but boy was I tuckered after all that baking and cleaning. I have never made any dessert in the crock pot before. Sure I thought about it, but when you’ve never gone there before you begin to have these thoughts of “what if” and the only thing I kept picturing was this funky rubber dessert borderline dry and burnt. Now that I’ve cut my teeth on some crock pot dessert making I am definitely feeling more confident.

My family is used to the homemade one bowl brownie recipe found on the inside of the Baker’s Unsweetened chocolate squares box. They are to die for, very few things chocolate will I eat, but homemade brownies I’ll give in and eat a piece or two. But I didn’t use our familiar recipe for tonight’s dessert. No, I branched out and went looking for a recipe that was meant for the crock pot, the thing was I kept running into recipes calling for brownie mixes. I’m not against those, if you got it use it, but we don’t keep prepackaged brownie mixes in the house and onward I went in my search for a homemade version. After cruising through the web, hopping from one blog to the next I settled on a recipe from Mom on A Mission. I liked how Jackie presented her brownie recipe: simple, basic ingredients that most everyone keeps in their pantry, and leaves plenty of room to play with the recipe. With iPod in hand, I put the water for the noodles on the flame to bring to a boil (for dinner) and set out making crock pot fudge brownies.

coffee cake and crockpot brownies 054

If there’s anything I’ve learned from living with chocoholics is that there is no such thing as too much chocolate. Jackie’s recipe already called for 1/2 cup of chocolate chips and me, well to kick things up another notch I added another 1/2 cup on top. That certainly had my oldest nephew ooo’ing over it. If you’re not familiar with making homemade brownies, this recipe will be a cinch even for you. There’s no melting of chocolate, no having to take care with hot melted chocolate turning your chilled eggs into a chocolate scrambled mess…this recipe calls for cocoa powder, natural or dutch processed. We keep Hershey’s in the house so that’s what I used. Mixed the wet ingredients together, combined the dry ingredients in a separate bowl and folded them together along with the chocolate chips. I will add this side note, it’s easier to add the vanilla extract in with the eggs and oil before you go to mix in the dry ingredients. I do this even when I make the melted chocolate version. This way you’ll be less likely to overwork the batter and have lighter brownies as a result!

coffee cake and crockpot brownies 056

Ta-Da!! Looks amazing and tasted every bit as good as the oven variety! I don’t joke or over exaggerate about such things, it’s either good or it’s not. Trust me, if this hadn’t turned out the way it should I wouldn’t be writing about it! The general family consensus: Very good. Fudgy, little hot pockets of gooey chocolate chips morsels, and the only thing that was missing was a healthy scoop of vanilla ice cream. Boy, does that bring back some childhood memories! All in all this was a fantastic recipe, I’m pleased to say this is going into our private family cookbook here to be cherished for all time 🙂

coffee cake and crockpot brownies 058     coffee cake and crockpot brownies 086

If you’ve never had crock pot brownies before may I suggest you make these the next time you have a sweet tooth? If you have a larger crock pot definitely double this recipe and take to your next potluck social, I promise you they will be a hit! You can find the recipe over at Jackie’s blog, Mom on A Mission (<—click there for the recipe), and be sure to leave your feedback there for her. 

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your sugar induced coma evening and will see you all tomorrow! Night 🙂


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