Two Recipes, One Can (Recipe Reviews)

Good morning sugar plums! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend 🙂 We had a nice one ourselves, though most of it was spent taking care of Dad, making sure he had soup and tissues on hand. Poor fella is back at work today sniffling and all. That’s how it is for us adults 🙂

Saturday night I finally found the time to bake up a couple of loaves of pumpkin bread. It seemed silly to me to open a can, use not even half of it and not do anything with the rest of it. Thankfully I’ve been amassing recipes the last couple of months, drooling over other blogs and pictures from friend and family. Building up your own recipe index is tough at times. A lot of trial and error, making things that some of the family snubs at because it doesn’t have the right ingredients, and other times just finding the time to spare to be in the kitchen. Have I mentioned that this fourth grade year has been mentally draining, more so than I expected. Well, not going to complain, but I do love it when I can get some time to myself and whip up a batch of goodness!

I wasn’t even sure if it was going to be possible, I started making a recipe I received from a lady I follow (she was sharing it from another fellow blogger). Pumpkin & Cheese Spice Pumpkin Bread from An Edible Mosaic (absolutely love the name, btw), looked downright awesome, in my humble opinion. I’m a huge fan of cheesecake and a lover of spiced quick bread and I knew that this was going to be a match made in the near perfect heaven!

Her pictures just make you want to reach in, grab a slice and wash it down with some coffee (or tea)! Edible Mosaic indeed, warm fall colors, mouth watering delights that tingle and tease all the senses!! The recipe is easy to follow, baked up in about 40 minutes and came right out of the pan with ease. 

Pumpkin Bread Recipes 003   Pumpkin Bread Recipes 006

My Mom wanted to cut the cheesecake topping off, that’s her favorite! The loaf is beautiful, spiced to perfection, and the topping it also my favorite 🙂 I’m not a huge pumpkin fan but I really liked this! Makes a nice alternative to pumpkin pie.

So be sure to head on over to An Edible Mosaic (<—click there for the recipe) to print this recipe and bake up a few loaves!


But wait, I’m not done! Not only did I have enough pumpkin (butternut squash) puree to make the pumpkin and cheese spice pumpkin bread but I still had a little more than half a can to use up. Since I was on a roll Saturday night I decided to pull up another pumpkin recipe I had been wanting to try ! Over at The Teenage Taste you’ll find all kinds of fun and delicious recipes made by a vibrant and active young lady named Erika Rojek. I saw her recipe for pumpkin cinnamon roll muffins that were topped off with an off the hook cream cheese frosting, the girl is awesome in my book!

Y’all know I’m in this make it into bars or loaves mode lately, so instead of doing muffins I took her recipe and dumped it into a loaf pan. Of course that meant it had to bake a little longer than the original recipe said to. I wound up having to bake it for about 32 minutes, but even the extra baking time didn’t compromise this recipe. It came right out of the pan as easily as the first loaf.

Pumpkin Bread Recipes 010    Pumpkin Bread Recipes 011

The cinnamon topping did make it’s way to the bottom there, but most of it stayed on top. It’s a yummy moist cinnamony cake, a major hit with my son and Dad. Both agreed this should be the cake I make for the up and coming Mission’s Conference, if that’s the case I will definitely have to double the recipe in order to make a 9×13 inch for at least 20 people. 

Erika has hit the nail on the head with this knock out recipe, it’s a definite keeper for us!

Pumpkin Bread Recipes 013     Pumpkin Bread Recipes 023

Both recipes will be a hit at your next brunch, ladies get together, bake sale, or family get together. Just be sure to head on over to Erika’s blog, The Teenage Taste, to print the recipe and leave your feedback! 

Hope you all have a blessed Monday!


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