Recipe Review: Skillet Apple Pie Biscuits

Afternoon folks, hope your Tuesday has been a good one so far! My son and I had a nice school day, he’s been working extra hard at getting all his ice cream scoops up on our bulletin board. He’s got two more to earn and hopefully by Thursday he’ll be able to get all his scoops. It has been a fun way to get him to try harder in school, mind you we have had days where he didn’t care at all if he got a scoop on the board or not. But for the most part it has worked 🙂 For November I found these cute little turkeys that he gets to color the feathers, or a certain amount of feathers, each day according to how well he behaved. It’s an engaging incentive that I found on Teachers pay Teachers. They have so many nice things that are free and created by teachers for (homeschooling) teachers. I’ve tailored Novembers incentive to suit our specific behavioral needs. Be sure to check them out, even if you don’t homeschool and have little ones that aren’t quite ready for grade school, you can still benefit from that site. They have lots of fun holiday themed crafts for all ages!

Over the weekend my Dad and son asked me to make something for breakfast and I wasn’t too sure what they had in mind. So, I got out my iPod, thumbed through my bookmarks and showed them a recipe for Melissa’s Southern Style Kitchen: Skillet Apple Pie Biscuits (say that three times fast). Saturday night after getting G–Man off to bed I got right on it! What I loved the most about this recipe is that I had everything already for it. I wasn’t going to need anything special or make a special trip to the store. That’s my kind of recipe!

Weekend Pics 2013 029

For starters, when a recipe gives you options and a how to in completing said options that recipe has just earned brownie points with me! I love knowing what other possibilities are within the recipe. So, I took her option and made my own apple pie filling. It was crazy easy and tasted so much better than I imagined! Seriously, look at that picture 😀 Now, here’s my little variation: add some cranberries to this. For a fall flare, the cranberries are going to add a beautiful color and bite to this dish. Adjust your sugar, add some grated orange zest and the juice from one orange. Are you thinking homemade cranberry sauce? Yep, be yummy! If you want to try a different flavor all together, pick any pie flavor that’s out there! Cherry is the next one I’m thinking of trying *grins*

Now, since I wasn’t using a cast iron skillet (ours are ONLY for cornbread) I lined a little toaster oven pan with Reynolds Release foil and placed my partially thawed biscuits on it. Nothing stuck, everything baked up beautifully! I’m fairly sure you could use refrigerator biscuits instead of thawing frozen ones out. Save yourself that extra step if you can 🙂

Weekend Pics 2013 032     Weekend Pics 2013 034

Beautiful rich golden brown color, the sauce from the apples thickened up perfectly, and to my surprise the biscuits did their own spreading out. It wasn’t too bad, it just made for generous portions.

Weekend Pics 2013 039     Weekend Pics 2013 049

I did wait a bit before glazing, since they weren’t going to be eaten till morning I figured it wouldn’t matter, and it didn’t. If you wanted to punch the glaze up a bit you could add some your favorite flavored coffee creamer of your choice instead cream or milk (pumpkin, hazelnut, etc), some cinnamon, and a little melted butter. The butter will give you more of a donut glaze which I know is good all on its own. Needless to say these were a hit and didn’t make it to Monday morning (no joke)!

My son’s only complaint is that he didn’t care for the walnuts. It’s just a 1/4 cup of chopped nuts and can be omitted if desired or substituted with pecans or almonds (cherry almond sounds lovely by the way). I personally loved that nutty texture. Sort of reminded me of the apple rolls my Mom used to make for Christmas every year. If you’re wondering if this could double as a dessert,  I would say “most definitely!” Just serve warm with a scoop of ice cream on the side 🙂 That’s all for today, see y’all back here Thursday. I’m cooking up a family favorite that you all won’t want to miss!

***Be sure to leave your reviews of this recipe over at Melissa’s blog!***

Weekend Pics 2013 0091

Have a blessed day!

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