Low Carb Soup Recipes for the Fall


I’m downright determined to get these low carb recipes out to y’all even if that means I do them one or two at a time! I’m making such a fuss because I know what it’s like to see all these wonderful traditional recipes for Thanksgiving and not be able to enjoy them. Knowing that if and when I do I’m going to feel miserable later and gain about five pounds! Tonight I’m sharing a link to several soup recipes that are actually great for everyone if you think about it. You can definitely fiddle with the recipes to suit your dietary needs/preferences, so don’t let the words “low carb” stop anyone from trying them 🙂

She Knows posted an article with three delicious soup recipes last year in September, I’m sure these might still be fresh in everyone’s mind. You’ll definitely want to try these out this month now that the cooler weather is settling in. After looking over the recipes, I’ve decided I’m going to try Low-Carb Cauliflower Pepper Jack Soup next week, seeing how anything with pepper jack cheese is my oldest nephew’s favorite! My only beef, and apparently it’s been voiced by others as a concern, is that the carb counts were not posted. There are a few places online where you can enter a recipes ingredients and it will calculate the carbs, fat, calories, etc. for you. My Fitness Pal is one, Spark Recipes, and Calorie Count are three that come to mind. I’m quite partial to Spark Recipes since I’ve been a member there for many years (since 2006…oy time is flying). They also have a plethora of yummy recipes to look through, it’s how I’ve discovered many of our favorite low carb recipes. I’ve even shared a few on there myself (under the name MANDAJO1982) 🙂 

Another great site with 10 low carb soup recipes is I Breathe…I’m Hungary…love the name! I’m a lover of creamy hearty soups, anything with chicken, shrimp, and lots of veggies! I’m looking most forward to the Brazilian Shrimp Moqueca and the Roasted Broccoli and Cheddar Soup. Both look absolutely delish! I think the Brazilian Shrimp Moqueca would be fabulous for Christmas Eve since my family traditionally serves shrimp cocktail that night…be a nice change 🙂

What’s your favorite regular recipe that you would love to see done low carb?!

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday and happy eating!


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