Elfster Gift Exchange Present #1

This has been a year of trying new things for me, and something new I decided to participate in is a gift exchange on Elfster. Quite simply, Elfster is a social networking website where you can set up a wishlist and organize a gift exchange with other people. I have never done anything like this before and sadly the gifts I’m making are taking longer than I expected (oyvey). However, the day after I signed up everyone we were all paired off with a “secret Santa” and I was paired with a woman whom I got to know quickly 🙂 By the next day we were repaired with other people and decided that we would still make gifts for each other as well as our new giftsters. After figuring out how Elfster works, we got right on to asking each other questions such as favorite colors, favor drinks, what we don’t like, etc. It’s a fun way to meet new people!

So, last night my oldest nephew brought in the mail and handed me a package. Right away I knew who it was from 🙂 Opened it and found this….

10 004

Amanda Gayle with green scarf!

She made me a green scarf! I’m in love, thank you so much A. Webb for making it for me. You’re so talented! The picture doesn’t do it justice by any means.

I can only hope that the gifts I’m still working on turn out just a lovely, will see. I’ll post pictures once they’re done before I ship them off!

Would anyone be interested in an Elfster Gift Exchange?

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