Christmas Eve Special

Wishing everyone a very blessed Christmas Eve!

Last night G–Man and I attempted cut out sugar cookies for the first time. I have a faint memory doing that with my own Mom and it wasn’t memorable. So, a while back G–Man asked if we could make and decorate cookies for Christmas. Everything inside me cringed, I’m not one to have kids in the kitchen and dealing with extra messes. Pushing all that aside, I agreed to make them with him.

After weeks of trying to find the right recipe, learning about the best way to color the icing, and catching an episode of Good Eats where Alton Brown was making cut out cookies with “Santa” I felt confident enough to attempt this with my son.

Saturday we went shopping for our last minute Christmas meal items, gel colors included (yeah not a smart move on my part). I couldn’t find any and everything was picked over. So, I grabbed a ready made cookie icing and knew it would have to do.

With everything in place I decided to place freezer paper down on our work place to try an contain the mess as much as possible.

cut cookies 2013D

Here G–Man set up his own cookie assembling line where you was really getting into his cookie decorating 🙂

cut cookies 2013A     cut cookies 2013B

He wanted me to make a video of him talking about how he was decorating this tree cookie. It was cute how he explained how to outline the cookie, zig–zag the icing and add icing for the ornaments. He’s quite a character 😉

cut cookies 2013C     cut cookies 2013E

cut cookies 2013

For it being our first time I’d say we did a decent job! It wouldn’t win any cookie contest but I loved sitting there watching him create and just have fun! It’s what we both needed after everything we’ve gone through over the last few weeks. It certainly is a great way to start Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to all!!


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