Ringing in the New Year!

joy pics 002

Find the JOY in all things this year!

Happy New Year everyone 🙂 Trust you all have a wonderful day with your family and friends. We had a nice quiet evening together as a family. Up until the fireworks started going off which sent our dogs into a tizzy!

Yep, we even have to mute that commercial from CSX for the same reasons 🙂 Thankfully around 10:30pm Dad cranked up some Pandora radio tunes to drown it out! But I’ll back it up to how we started our day…can’t start the eve of a new year without some grub, right?!

December 31st–Breakfast–

January2014 005

Ham and Egg Breakfast Burritos

2 low carb high fiber tortillas

2 eggs, scrambled

leftover holiday ham, chopped

shredded cheddar cheese

favorite salsa

Chop up some leftover ham, enough for a handful. Cook in a skillet, no oil or extra fat needed. Cook till warmed through, set aside in a bowl. Next, whisk two eggs together and scramble in a buttered skillet until it’s reached a desired doneness.

Sprinkle cheese on two tortillas, divide scrambled eggs, top with ham and salsa. Fold and enjoy!

A yummy and very filling way to start any morning, but especially great when you’re sharing it with your loved ones! You can use any breakfast meat and tortillas.

With a pleasantly full tummy, I decided to try out one of my Christmas gifts: a knifty knitter loom. I’m a huge fan of finger knitting and I’ve had the knifty knitter on my Amazon wishlist for quite some time now and it was a huge surprise Christmas morning, totally unexpected (guess my Mom had a little fun going through my wish listsssss…ok she didn’t have THAT much fun because I broke everything down into 25 lists. Alright she was overwhelmed lol…moving on). I won’t lie, I was a bit nervous to start it out but I took the bull by the horns, er rather the round loom by the pegs, and made my first hat!!

January2014 006 January2014 007

January2014 008 orange hat 001

orange hat 002 orange hat 003

Granted the finished product would probably fit an infant, but I was beyond giddy that I actually did it! I made a hat! It was easy, went quickly, and I’m at it again only I intend for this next one to fit me 🙂

January2014 014 January2014 018

January2014 022 January2014 026

Yarn that I’m currently using is a super bulky(6) and is uber soft! Meant to be used for baby blankets but I’m a glutton for soft things. This is where I left off for tonight, I’m psyched about the finished product 🙂

Thus far the new year has been productive, fun, and a great start. Looking forward to what lies ahead!



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