Why THIS and Not THAT…a Look at What Makes Most PCOS Women Fat

Good morning, hope everyone here in the USA is staying warm on this chilly snowy morning. It actually snowed here in North Alabama, enough that it’s not melting right away and there’s more to come tomorrow afternoon! Yes, I am extremely happy 🙂 Now if only it could be like this year round!! I know, y’all think I’m crazy hehe!! I craved turkey bacon this morning. Yes, CRAVED it, and fried it up in some regular bacon grease for extra flavor and because turkey bacon has virtually no fat of its own which causes it to stick to the pan.

Tonight I’m thinking about doing up zucchini and squash noodles with marinated chicken for my dinner. It’s been a recently popular post of mine on Pinterest. I just plan to add squash to change it up. It’s a different option to noodles, I’m also a fan of Dreamfields pasta but even I find I have to be careful with it, I have a strange addiction to grains. Last year I made a big bowl of pasta salad and could literally eat the entire bowl by myself it was that good! This is why it’s a good idea to use a low carb vegetable in place of a grain pasta when I get those cravings. True it’s not the same as if eating the “real deal” pasta but it is filling!

There are several other options, one of my absolute fall favorites is spaghetti squash. Make a light garlic mushroom sauce to serve over it and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Serve with chicken or meatloaf for a little extra protein and you’ve got a wonderful guilt free meal! I never feel bloated after eating vegetable noodles. However, if you absolutely have to have noodles and you’re trying to eat less carbs here’s a link to lower carb noodle options (click HERE).

I love getting the Insulite Laboratories emails every week and one that I’ve been chomping at the bit to share, just been too sick and too busy to do it, is a great email about Why Pasta, not Bacon, Makes you Gain Weight. I’ve known for many years now that pasta is my nemesis, actually any grain and yeast product is my enemy, and that cutting those things out of my daily diet is actually better for me. Now, Insulite Laboratories isn’t condoning a high bacon diet, but their findings are showing that many PCOS women do fair better when they cut out the pasta and stick with a lower glycemic lifestyle.

Here are the charts within the email…I love charts, especially ones that I can print out and keep.

Below these same charts can be found and enlarged at Fast Co Design.

So just what is wrong with carbs themselves? Basically, they cause insulin levels to go crazy. That, in turn, causes cells to pull in more fat, resulting in the onset of our old enemy, weight gain.

~quoted from Insulite Laboratories email November 26, 2013~

I think we can all agree that diet fads have come and gone over the years. Do they work for everyone? Nope, why? Because we’re not all the same! Not everyone can handle to carbohydrates, just as there are those who can’t thrive without the carbohydrates. Some can do without all that fat and others need it in order to burn off stored fat. But it’s true, there is no cookie cutter diet for everyone, we cannot all survive on the Food Pyramid/Plate that has been pushed down our throats since the early 90’s(when it was introduced here in the USA).

I’m sure most of us PCOS Cysters have tried the Atkins and South Beach diets at one time or another, lost the weight only to pack it back on later. *raises both hands high into the air* I’m guilty, guilty, guilty…not only gained what I lost but then gained a whole lot more! Why is that? Mostly because neither one of those fads has ever taught us how to eat to live, it just teaches you how to eat to lose. Then once you’re at your goal weight you celebrate…for the next three years and find yourself back where you were. Don’t deny it, I’m not gonna lie it’s happened to me! What I discovered is that I cannot follow the Atkins or South Beach diets because of the soy. That is detrimental to my health and compounds the weight issue.

I’ve had to learn over the years to also bite my tongue when I’m in mixed company of women…mixed company meaning that some are all about low fat, low cal, skim milk, multigrain, while others were all about lean meats, no red, lots of fruits and vegetables….and I will say, that there is nothing wrong with any of that, I’m all for doing what works best for you. My beef is, when one way of eating gets pushed onto the masses as “the only way to lose weight” and then you have about 50% of the population that’s overweight, diabetic, infertile, and health issues running amuck…SOMETHING HAS TO GIVE!!!

What can this spell for PCOS women? Understanding that we’re all different and yes that there are skinnier women who suffer with PCOS as well, we have got to find something that works specifically for each of us. I cannot write on this blog and tell you all that you HAVE to eat the same things as I do, for one I’m not permitted to(not an expert) and secondly I’m not insane enough to push what I do onto other people. I can only share what I’m doing and the research that backs it up that proves it works. You have to listen to your body, if you solely listen to your doctor or what the latest health expert(s) is touting you could very well being doing yourself more harm than good. The doctor and health experts do not live inside your body! They do not know on a daily basis, second by second, minute by minute what is going on in your body. Hence the tests, blood work, the wringing of hands, second opinions, third opinions, loss of sleep, countless medications, and thousands of dollars going down the drain without any more knowledge of what’s wrong with you.

Only you will know what your body needs in the end, learn to listen to its needs, the signals to what is wrong and know how to treat it naturally first. A lot of the time what is wrong is a result of a deficiency in minerals or vitamins, a build up of toxins to which a detox would be appropriate to follow, or could be a side effect of a medication(s) you’re currently taking. Take back your health while you still can!


***Don’t forget to wear your teal on Tuesday***


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