~Snow Day~

Not too often do we get snow here in Alabama, so for G–Man it was a real treat to bundle up and head out to play for a bit in the melting snow.

snow day february 009

First, a mini ski slope just like in the Olympics 🙂 GO

Team USA!!!

snow day february 012     snow day february 021

After making his mini snowman he couldn’t wait any longer to eat some snow 😉

snow day february 015     snow day february 014

snow day february 024

Southern winter wonderland!

snow day february 032     snow day february 029

snow day february 030     snow day february 033

Snow angels!!

snow day february 035    snow day february 036

Yeti, Yeti, Yeti! RAWR!!!!

snow cream 2014 001

All snugly warm, dry and playing on the kindle.

snow cream 2014 004

But you cannot have a snow day without snow cream (vanilla and chocolate flavored)!

NOK’s Hot Cocoa Flavored Snow Cream

1 medium bowl of fresh snow (top layer only)

3–4 packets of favorite hot cocoa mix

1/4–1/2 cup sugar


Carefully incorporate the cocoa powder into the snow with sugar and milk. Blend until creamy. Enjoy and store extra in freezer.

snow cream 2014 006

Have a wonderful day, enjoy the snow and stay warm!


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