Italian Pastrami Wraps(Low Carb/High Fiber) and other late night musings…

It’s just one of those nights when I can’t sleep, have had lots of those the last 10 years. I know, doesn’t sound healthy, so I decided to put up my post since I’m up!

Got a question, am I the only one who does this but when I watch a movie or read a book I like to Bing the historical or true facts about something. For instance, yesterday I watched the movie Harem for the first time. Yes it is an old 80’s movie, alright not THAT old, but 1986. Has Nancy Travis, Omar Sharif, Art Malik and Julian Sands in it. I was able to watch it up to a certain point yesterday before having to go out with my Dad and son for the evening. I recorded both parts to the DVR so I could see the ending, and after spending an hour in bed last night then remembering I hadn’t locked the back door or tidied up the kitchen…forgetful I know, I came downstairs and did all that then remembered I needed to finish watching that movie. With the laptop on and the movie going I decided to Bing the Ottoman Empire and figure out about when the movie was taking place. (Have I lost you yet? ADD brain bouncing around…I’m getting to my point I promise!)

During the moments when the Kadin was being her witchy self, Ava Gardner did a fabulous job of being a heinous woman by the way, I would read up on some of the Ottoman history. So am I the only one who does this? I just can’t enjoy something for what it is, a story of young American lady who is kidnapped and sold into the Sultan’s harem and eventually falls in love with the one who sold her in the first place. That actually sounds really bad if you think about it. Can we say Stockholm Syndrome?! All in all it’s a good movie a bit of a shocker that it only received a one star rating. Critics today can be so finicky! But I am someone who has to detour and read about the history or true facts, if any, and get lost in it. Must be how my brain is wired 🙂 It ceases to amaze me that you all keep coming back to read my posts lol with my skewed writing style…oh anyway!

I was truly pulling for Julian Sands character, but he was such a namby pamby, he has played some amazing characters over the years(minus The Warlock…blech, couldn’t stand him in that). But I found myself hoping that Art Malik’s character would admit his feelings for Nancy Travis’ character (Jessica an odd name for the time period) and that they would ride off into the sunset together. I did appreciate Nancy’s character, her strength in not giving up and not giving in. It’s that kind of heroine that I find I can relate to and that most women in general can as well. We all would like to imagine that if we were in her shoes we wouldn’t be any different. The story is so well written that I forgot that as I’m watching it I’m supposed to hate the guy who has sold her into the Sultan’s harem. His character is strong, masculine, and just everything you want in a hero. Just a well written story.

Alright, now you’re wondering when I’m going to get to this Italian Pastrami Wrap recipe, all in good time! Patience my young padawan 😉 Not being someone who is in the know, or on the up and up on such things, I wanted to know if there was a difference between a Sheik and a Sultan. When I think of a Sheik I picture two things, one a very tall swarthy man who is the essence of amazing. Robed in dark handwoven garments, smells of sandalwood and musk, a sword tied at his side, someone who rides a black stallion and whisks red headed American women off to his tent for the happily ever after.


The other thing I picture a Sheik being is this short fat, pot bellied, sweaty man that doesn’t know what soap is or that it even exists, wreaks of wine, stale tobacco and dare I say it? No, I want you all to have some appetite left…ok, so you get it. Alright, but a Sultan is someone that I imagine is a wealthy ruler, you know like in Aladdin.

Maybe not that short or chubby, but definitely gray haired, and did I mention wealthy? Oh, yep, I did. Well, naturally I went back to my Bing search engine and decided to further educate myself 🙂 So here’s what ChaCha had to say:

In the Islamic world, the main difference between a Sultan and a King is that Sultan’s role was defined in the Quran, A Sheikh (or Shaikh) is a noble title in the Islamic world and it is also mentioned in the Quran (but definitely under the Sultan). Later it became a title meaning leader or a person with power, mostly used among Arab nomadic groups. Today there are many Shaikhs in the Islamic World. The equivalent of Sheikh in the western world would be a noble title like Duke, Count, Viscount.

Yeah, I didn’t stop there. English Stack Exchange says this: “Sultan: the title given to Muslim rulers in some countries” and that a Sheik is “1 an Arab prince or leader; the head of an Arab family, town, etc. / 2 a leader in a Muslim community or organization.” I guess that falls in line with what I originally thought(even if it is a tad romanticized). 

Well, y’all have been good sports in putting up with my night owl musings 🙂 There are just some nights where my brain will not shut off no matter what and I don’t finally get any sleep until the wee hours of the morning. Literally, just before the sun comes up do I finally begin to nod off only to wake up around 8–8:30am to get my day started with G–Man. Some life, eh?

Italian Pastrami Wraps

Photos by: G–Man

Yields: 16 half wraps

8 low carb/high fiber tortillas


Turkey Pastrami

8 slices of provolone cheese


1 brick cream cheese, softened

2 tsp Italian Seasoning

1/2 tsp Sweet Summer Savory

1 Tblsp Onion Flakes

1 tsp Garlic Powder

1/2 tsp Black Pepper

a pinch Red Pepper Flakes,optional

1 tsp dried Parsley

1/4 cup Parmesan Cheese

Italian Pastrami Wraps 001

For the Filling: Combine softened cream cheese with the following 8 herbs and seasonings. Then on each tortilla spread this cream cheese mixture generously. You can spread it all the way out to the edges if you like.

Italian Pastrami Wraps 002

Place about 8 slices of pepperoni near the center.

Italian Pastrami Wraps 003

Layer with two slices of turkey pastrami over the pepperoni. Here there is only one in the photo, but be sure to place the second slice next to the first one, slightly overlapping in the middle.

Italian Pastrami Wraps 004     Italian Pastrami Wraps 006

Break a slice of provolone in half and finally top it off over the pastrami.

Italian Pastrami Wraps 007     Italian Pastrami Wraps 008

Begin to roll the tortilla away from you, making sure it is seam side down. Slice in half on a bias and voila!

Italian Pastrami Wraps 012     Italian Pastrami Wraps 015

Italian Pastrami Wraps 011     Italian Pastrami Wraps 016

Doesn’t get any easier than that. Now, I made these in the morning and served them for dinner. Be sure to cover them well with plastic wrap before placing in the fridge to allow the flavors to blend and mellow. You can certainly make these a day ahead, or wrap them individually in plastic wrap to keep all week for quick lunches or dinners on the go. I dare anyone to only eat one, they are flavorful and addictive! I personally don’t need any sides to go with this but you can pair it with a lovely salad for a light dinner.

Buon Appetito!


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