An Unlikely Pairing

Oh it feels like forever since I’ve written on here. Finally figured out what the deal was with the laptop. The business end of the adapter cable is slightly bent(how it happened is anyone’s guess). But I have found a way to keep it charged while working…it’s all in how I lay the cord. So hopefully I’ll be able to write more without worrying the computer is going to die on me. I miss sharing yummy things with you all 🙂

Last week I announced on Facebook that I’ve got recipes and crafts lined up for spring. I asked G–Man if he wanted to do a guest post, a craft for kids perhaps. We’ll see what he comes up with 🙂 This morning I decided to get started on the first of many recipes that I wanted to share before spring arrives(March 20th). With all this freezing rain that’s come through our neck of the woods and more snow up north it only seems fitting to serve up a hearty meal that will not only stick to the ribs(thighs, buttocks, and bye–bye arms…jk) but will help keep the kiddos satisfied till lunch!

Now before I set out posting a recipe I like to see what the competition is 😉 Especially when I “think” I’m creating something new–ish. After looking at what’s out there I didn’t find anything quite like what I did this morning. For some of my readers this recipe might be a bit out there for you, like I said it’s an unlikely pair! Buckle up and get ready!!


March Breakfast 054

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Stuffed French Toast

Yields: 4 servings

8 slices of Chicago Italian Bread

1 packet apple oatmeal + 1 packet cinnamon oatmeal

4 eggs, whisked

1/4 cup Milk

Oil for frying

March Breakfast 039     March Breakfast 040

Make oatmeal a little thicker but still spreadable. Two packets will give enough to spread as much as you like. Slice the bread somewhat thick, I had to lightly toast it since it came unsliced. Typically you’d use day old bread for French toast, toasting it helped firm it up slightly. Spread the oatmeal over one half of the bread making sure to get it toward the edges.

March Breakfast 041

Top with other slice and you’re ready to go!

March Breakfast 043

The leaning tower of stuffed French Toast

March Breakfast 046     March Breakfast 047

Coat the stuffed bread quickly in the whisked eggs and milk mixture.

March Breakfast 044     March Breakfast 045

Fry in oil over medium high heat till it’s nicely browned. Be careful when flipping, use a wide spatula and turn it over slowly. Each side took a few minutes to brown. 

    March Breakfast 056

How you decide to serve this is up to you! Top it off with a dusting of powdered sugar, your favorite syrup, apple butter, brown butter, doughnut glaze or enjoy it plain. Here I drizzled on my favorite doughnut glaze (butter, powdered sugar and french vanilla coffee creamer).

March Breakfast 058     March Breakfast 060

For me, this dish is the marrying of my two favorite things: oatmeal and toast. When I was a kid I loved having buttered toast with my oatmeal. I would make the oatmeal thick enough to spread, and I loved how it would begin to melt the butter as I ate it! It was the best breakfast on those wintery mornings before heading out to school. So it’s no wonder I would put these two together, again I understand if some of you out there might find this an odd pairing. Even my son wasn’t too sure about it at first, but he came around and said it was pretty good! This can be easy doubled or reduced to fit the size of your family.

Happy Eating!!


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