BPA: A Big Concern for PCOS Women


Insulite Laboratories sent out an insightful newsletter about why BPA in plastics could be more harmful for PCOS women. I personally go out of my way to avoid that stuff like the plague, thankfully there are many options today of BPA free products. But it’s the WHY that so many folks don’t understand what makes BPA a hazard to ones health. Here’s what the newsletter said:

The hormone disrupter BPA (bisphenol A), which is everywhere in the environment, could present an even bigger danger for women with PCOS than previously thought.


BPA levels are higher in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome than other females and can be transferred from mother to fetus. But that’s not all.


The Federico II University in Italy has just published a study of 20 overweight women with PCOS, who were compared to 20 overweight women without PCOS. As expected, the PCOS women had higher levels of BPA. However, they also had a higher incidence of insulin resistance, fatty liver degeneration, male hormones, inflammation … and larger spleens.


The spleen is an organ in the upper left of the abdomen and is part of the body’s management and immune system. An enlarged spleen can be caused by many things, including some cancers, mononucleosis and liver disease. PCOS is closely linked to liver problems. So BPA may be hampering your spleen’s efforts to maintain normal liver function for overall good health.


You can’t smell, see or taste BPA so it’s difficult to avoid. But you can lower your exposure. Try to reduce the quantity of plastic in your life as well as the number of cans, as in canned food. If possible, keep food and water away from any plastic. Ideally, use glass or ceramic instead.


Help your liver to detoxify your intestines to get healthier so they can do a better job of getting rid of BPA and other environmental chemicals. A healthier diet that is high in fiber will greatly aid this process.


You can be tested to see if you have high levels of BPA. If your levels are elevated, consult with an “environmental medicine” doctor for a program to get rid of BPA from your system.”

Amazon has graciously listed items on their website that are BPA free(click HERE to see products). Over 1,000 products that are BPA free! I know that many have heard over the years, BPA is bad, yeah yeah yeah…but as a woman who owns her PCOS symptoms and someone who is fighting to bring awareness to all please don’t turn a deaf ear to this. If you or someone you know has PCOS please share this article with them. You don’t have to have PCOS in order to be concerned about BPA, everyone should avoid it at all cost. Since it is affecting PCOS women in this manner, can you imagine what it is doing to our children, spouses, parents, pets?!


An excellent graph that shows the levels of BPA exposure found in humans. It’s scary when you can actually see it this way.

I love the following image of canned foods to avoid!

We have a responsibility for our own health and well being. If we’re not willing to take care of it ourselves, how can we expect someone to care enough to do it for us? We have to stop relying on the government to look out for us, our doctors do not know every nuance in our bodies, they only know textbook information. We have to be willing to take back our own health and use preventative measures to make sure we stay healthy. We are a sickly nation and getting worse by the second. Let’s all do what we can to be more proactive with our own health!


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