TBT: Cold Creams

Afternoon all, this weather sure has been wacky the last few days. Starting the week off with spring weather and yesterday we dipped down into the 30’s. This morning it was 32 degrees(F) before we went up to attack our school day. My skin has certainly suffered this year and it didn’t occur to me to start using my C.O. Bigelow Rose Wonder Cold Cream as a dry skin moisturizer and eczema treatment.

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For months now I have suffered from what could only be described as an aggressive form of eczema(which stems from a leaky gut syndrome…but that’s whole different) around my neck and down to my upper chest. It first came on as this little horizontal itchy rash on the right side of my neck. As Christmas came and went the “rash” moved and spread. It went from a solid itchy mass to having a clear center where it was healed and itch free. At one point my Mom thought I had Lyme disease, but I didn’t have the typical bulls eye pattern nor had I been infected by a tick. So after much research, Mom found something that looked similar to what I had and the only treatment was to keep it hydrated and to use anti–itch creams.

Even with all the water I drink and the store purchased lotions and creams nothing was working. Feeling like I should just let it run its course, after all I figured it was stress induced, the itchy mass started moving around to the left side of my neck and spreading across my chest. It was very uncomfortable at night, I’d get warm and wake up clawing at myself, the need to itch was that intense.

In straightening up my room I found my cold cream that I had misplaced(the one pictured above). I’ve been missing this stuff, I only use it to remove my Sunday make up which is the only time I ever wear make up these days. So, I placed it back in my bathroom and used it Sunday evening as always. Oh it was so nice to have that clean and fresh smooth feeling back! Monday night I was laying in bed, couldn’t sleep, and I got curious if there were other uses for cold creams. I know, like DUH Amanda…trust me I was smacking my forehead after I did my Bing search. I found a neat explanation of why cold creams help with eczema.

A cold cream helps flush toxins from the skin, relieve inflammation, soothe itching, and relieve pain. It’s a nearly instant relief for many kids, and the cool feeling is a welcome relief from the heat and itch of inflamed skin tissues.–from the Scratch Me Not Blog

Like I said, I was smacking my forehead. Last night as I was getting ready for church I decided to go ahead and use my cold cream all over my face since it had been a windy dry day. Instantly the coolness of the cream was a welcome relief to the eczema in my eyebrows, as well as to the dryness of my nose and cheeks. Oh and my hands have been suffering for a few years now. It’s worse than dishpan hands, without a working dishwasher I have to wash dishes nearly every night by hand and no amount of store bought lotion was doing the trick. Now, before you think that I’m some Alabama gator dressed as a human being, just note that all this dryness is linked back to my having an under active thyroid. So if you too suffer from an under active thyroid as I do, get yourself a good cold cream and you’ll be set! (For more reading about hypothyroidism and dry skin visit this LINK.)

After applying a generous amount to the itchy spots remaining on my chest I spent the rest of the night itch free. I was amazed! I applied more before bedtime and I did not wake up for the first time in months needing to scratch. I also applied a quarter size amount of cold cream to my nose, since I also suffer from blackheads (have for years). I slept with it on as the wikihow site instructed to do. 

If your skin has a lot of blackheads and clogged pores or is very dry, apply a quarter-sized dollop of cold cream to your face at night. Leave on until morning and then wipe off as usual. Be sure to use an old (but clean) pillow case. The mask can leave an oily residue on bed linens.

Use Cold Cream to Reduce Acne Step 12.jpg

All in all, I have been impressed with the many uses of the cold cream. I’m done smacking my forehead and have since moved on to kicking my own buttocks for not having realized its many other uses. The company brand I use has been around since 1838, rather trustworthy and a lot of their products are made here in the USA. To me, that means more and is worthy of the extra bucks. I’m not certain how the other modern brands pan out, I’m kind of leery in trying those out since I have extremely sensitive skin. But I will in the mean time keep an eye out for anyone who has and be sure to share their links, reviews, and results with you as I find them!


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