~Kid Friendly Frozen Treat~

{Today’s guest post is coming from none other than the sweet little 9 yr old in my life, G–Man! Saturday night he made a frozen fruit treat that is super easy for all ages with some light adult supervision for younger ages. He’s been going through a handbook called Young Man’s Handbook which offers lots of neat projects, recipes, and fun boy oriented crafts. For now he’s been learning about the kitchen, utensils, terms, and how read recipes. Every other Friday he gets to pick one recipe from a section to make and over the following weeks he’s going to share what he has made 🙂 }


Fruit Freezies 033

Fruit Freezies

1 small can lemonade concetrate

1 small can orange juice concentrate

1 large can pineapple pieces, juice included

3 bananas (optional)

2 1/2 cups semi–frozen strawberries

1/8 cups water(optional)

3 Tblsp sugar(optional)

15–5 ounce paper cups

1 sheet of foil cut into squares with a slit cut in the center

15 plastic spoons

Fruit Freezies 021     Fruit Freezies 022

Lightly thaw strawberries in the microwave for 1 minute and add pineapple pieces with their juice. Using a pastry blender, rough chop the fruit or put into a blender if you want it completely smooth. (Especially if you are using bananas. Which I forgot to put on the grocery list, Momma dropped the ball on that one lol!)

Fruit Freezies 025

Stir in the lemonade and orange juice concentrates. We left out the extra sugar and water since it was juicy and sweet enough.

Fruit Freezies 029     Fruit Freezies 026

Here’s where my Mom helped me a little bit…she showed me where to fill the cups up to and how to place the foil over each spoon. The foil will help keep the spoon centered in the frozen fruit pops. This looks really good! Nom nom nom!!!

Fruit Freezies 032

Here’s me with all the 15 cups finished. It was a really easy recipe and were ready to eat the next day! I love the bigger chunks of fruit in these pops 🙂 To eat just remove the foil top and peel away the paper cup. The spoon acts like a Popsicle stick. Be sure to share them with your friends, brothers and sisters! Peace out 😀 ~G–Man~

{He really did enjoy making these and the fruit freezies would make a wonderful project during the hot summer months. We tend to like things a little on the tart side, it just made sense to leave out the extra sugar when making this. But I did have him taste the mixture before he doled it out to the cups for freezing just to make sure if he thought it was sweet enough. Plus it worked out that I forgot about the bananas, our blender died a painful tragic death last December. It’s shattered remains are resting in a landfill no doubt. However, the next time we make these, and we will, I hope to have a blender to make a smoother mixture. It all eats the same, as I tell G–Man quite often 😉 }

Happy Eating!!


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