St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

St Patricks Day 027

Dublin Coddle


St Patricks Day 008

Sweet Irish Soda Bread


St Patricks Day 006

Chocolate Irish Car Bomb Cake

(that’s what it’s called, no joke)

I did take a few liberties in my baked goods. There were two changes I made to the Dublin Coddle, 1) I slow cooked in the crock pot and 2) I added a flour and water roux to help thicken the liquid. That helped make it more stew like and my Dad wants me to make it more often hehe! For the Sweet Irish Soda Bread I chopped up the raisins and soaked them in a honey whiskey for an hour to help plump them back up, I’m not a fan of whiskey myself but I don’t mind baking with it. The alcohol cooks out and you’re left with a delicious flavor. The bread was my favorite, right after I removed it from the oven I turned it out onto a cooling rack over another pan and began basting the top of the loaf with the leftover honey whiskey that I had soaked the raisins in. The steaming bread helped to make a shiny glaze over the top and to evaporate the alcohol.

For our dessert, please don’t give me any flack about the name. I didn’t come up with it and when I saw it I knew it was the perfect recipe to make for St. Patrick’s Day since the family love chocolate cake and cream cheese anything! The cake is based off of a cocktail called Irish Car Bomb. What that is, is you take about a pint of Guinness, half a shot of both Irish cream liqueur and Irish whiskey and drop that down into the Guinness and drink. I’ve never had one before and don’t intend to either, but I have read about it. I’m not a fan of Guinness, it tastes burnt to me, very strong and unpleasant. However, in the cake it wasn’t too bad and I’m not a chocolate fan as most of you know. I told the family I was going to add chocolate chips to this which isn’t part of the recipe, but it’s simple enough to do. Just a warning: this cake is super rich, drink lots of milk while eating it! I put 1/3 of the batter into my greased and cocoa powdered baking dish. Sprinkled a handful of chocolate chips next, carefully spread the cream cheese mixture over it, then add more chocolate chips over the cream cheese mixture and finally spoon on the remaining cake batter. Smooth it out gently and evenly before baking.

Even the glaze that goes on the cake was phenomenal! The recipe made more than what was needed and it was better than any caramel sauce I’ve ever had.

This chocolate cake is such a recipe where you will either enjoy it and it’s many flavors from the Guinness, St. Brenden’s Irish Cream liqueur and whiskey or you won’t. I think the chocolate cake itself helped to temper those flavors and the added chocolate chips enhanced the richness of the cake. It was nice to be able to buy the Guinness by the bottle instead of in a pack of four or six. Not having to waste money on any more than what was needed was an added bonus!

That’s about as gourmet as I like to get with my cooking and baking. I prefer to keep things as simple as possible but on those special occasions when I have the time I will go the extra mile to make a meal or dish that is fun, festive(my Dad hates that word) and exceptional!

“So fill to me the parting glass,
And drink a health whate’er befalls,
Then gently rise and softly call,
Goodnight and joy be to you all.”

~Celtic Woman “The Parting Glass”~

Éirinn go Brách!



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