5 Faves from this Week….

So my Mom saw this idea, somewhere on the wonderful web, and told me about how every Friday some bloggers post their five favorite things from the week. Stuff they’ve seen, laughed at, a recipe they tried or will try, something inspiring, etc…I’m not one who goes with the flow and I’m a day late….but here goes 🙂

Amanda Gayle’s 5 Faves

1. Advice from the Ocean…


Coming out of my shell has been the theme this week for me. Trying new things, exploring other options and embracing some new habits. This weight loss journey so far has been successful, being officially down 10 pounds as of yesterday I’m feeling more determined to press on.

2. The Correct Response to the Question…

Hehe, excellent response!

3. 10 Health Benefits of Watermelon…



4. Chicken Parmesan Patty Melts

Chicken Parmesan Patty Melts Recipe

(I would prefer this without the ciabatta bread, serve it up with Dreamfield’s Angel Hair Pasta, and a side salad)


5. Realizing blessings…


This really hit me about mid week. Being surrounded by a loving family, amazing friends who have helped me overcome some major hurtles, and it reminded that even though I’m a perfectionist life is not perfect. Therefore, I need to stop placing such high expectations on absolutely everything. Life is messy, it doesn’t always go the way I want it to, and when that happens it’s not the end of the world. Take notice of the many blessings that come your way, count them daily!


These were just a few of my favorite things this week, what was yours?



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