Memorial Day…a day of rememberance…


What is a memorial?

If you were to search for the definition of what a memorial is, here’s what you’d find…

1. something designed to preserve the memory of a person, event, etc., as a monument or a holiday.
2. a written statement of facts presented to a sovereign, a legislative body, etc., as the ground of, or expressed in the form of, a petition or remonstrance.

3. preserving the memory of a person or thing; commemorative: memorial services.
4. of or pertaining to the memory.
That’s pretty cut and dry, basically just remembering someone or something that happened. But what’s so important about Memorial Day? Isn’t it just a four day weekend filled with lots of yummy food, warm weather activities, sunburns, time with family and friends? Well, I’m not going to come down on anyone for enjoying those things. We’re going to cook out today, enjoy some of our favorite movies and have fun, but this day is actually a somber day. When I think of a memorial, my mind always goes back to a funeral. How everyone who attends is quiet, reminiscing of the deceased, reflecting on the importance of life and being sure to never take for granted the importance of telling someone how much they mean to us. 
I’m always torn on this day, it’s so easy to get caught up in the “celebration” mode, I love a break and being able to relax,  yet I keep finding myself retreating to the quiet corners, thinking of friends who have served this country so faithfully and have died for freedoms sake. For the last couple of days Facebook has been booming with all kinds of Memorial Day pictures, everyone reminding each other of the true meaning of this day. This one picture, I think, sums it up perfectly!
We’ve all been touched by the loss of someone who has served, be it a loved one, friend, or someone we had the pleasure meeting at one point in our life. Today at 3pm local time please pause for a minute to remember these great heroes who have given their all for this country. It’s the very least we can do for all that they have done for us. Stay safe, have fun, and God bless!

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