~What’s In My Purse 2014~

I’m seriously thinking this should become a yearly post for me lol Last year I was inspired by Tori Spelling to reveal all that was in my purse. While this year wasn’t quite as interesting(very little trash in there) I was still amazed at the size of the items I was able to pack into my bag. It wasn’t so much how many things that were in there, but rather just how big a few of the items were. Let’s face it, we ladies only carry what WE have deemed necessary to carry with us. We’re all different and our needs vary, so with that here’s what was inside my purse this year…


June Pictures 003

I know, I know…holy cow she’s done it again! Yeah it was pretty stuffed lol Now in my defense, everything in there is EXACTLY what I need for any given Sunday or Wednesday night for church. I don’t always carry my bag with me every time I leave the house. I usually just grab my wallet especially if I know I’m going to be driving. Alright, here’s everything laid out…

June Pictures 004

Ok, so what we have…

  1. One Vera Bradley wallet
  2. An owl cosmetic bag
  3. A floral cosmetic bag(I keep band-aids, pain reliever, and other first aid items)
  4. An ivory scarf  and underneath is a blue striped pre-tied headband
  5. 2 devotionals
  6. 2 bibles
  7. 2 pens
  8. Wednesday night Summer curriculum teacher book
  9. Green Sunday morning Ladies Class folder
  10. A pair of sunglasses
  11. Half a roll of breath mints

Not bad, but trust me, my bag was rather heavy. If you’re wondering if I paired down the items at all before putting them into my new bag…sorry to say I did not 🙂 Except the scarf and headband, I left those out.


June Pictures 005

Everything fit perfectly into my new Vera Bradley bag


June Pictures 008

And there was room enough for my iPod and iPad too! Mind you I don’t just willy nilly buy Vera Bradley bags on a whim, I prefer waiting till there’s a sale, but I have been a VB bag fan for 9 years now! Each one is special to me mostly because they come from my Mom 🙂

What’s in your bag/purse?



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