~Up and Coming Event~

Afternoon all! Trust everyone had a great weekend 🙂 Mine was productive in that I got more accomplished via the computer lol! The house could stand some more attention, but I won’t go there 😛

So last week I spent a few days talking to a wonderful sweet lady who asked me if I wanted to host an online jamberry nail wrap party. I really didn’t know what to say, I’ve attended such parties in the past. They’re fun but I wasn’t sure if I could handle that on top of our school schedule, my writing, and other responsibilities. So in essence I kind of turned down that offer and proposed another one instead…yeah, as if mine was going to mean any less work or stress(lol)…I asked her if it would be possible to do a month long fundraiser for PCOS awareness, since that’s coming up next month. See, not much more stress or work involved lol…YEAH RIGHT!!! To my surprise she responded with a YES! And what’s even better is that jamberry has changed their policy so now instead of fundraiser lasting for just a week it can last for a month! At first I wasn’t too sure how to metabolize that. It all felt like a dream!

By Friday I had designed a cover for it and this week she’s going to be ironing out the rest of the details, setting up the page, and links will be sent to me later on that way I can share them with you guys! So to break this down because what I’ve just said sounds like a garbled mess…

  1. I will be co-hosting a fundraiser on Facebook starting this Friday(8/29/2014). We’re starting it three days early to allow everyone the chance to grab up certain nail wraps that are going to be discontinued, a teal one is going to be discontinued *sniffle*
  2. The event is going to be called Wrapping for PCOS, cute right?!
  3. This event is going to last until September 27(more details to come on that).


What fundraiser would be complete without a few giveaways?! Seriously, I have got some nice things to give y’all! All the giveaways outside of the fundraiser will be hosted on the Night Owl Kitchen Facebook page, so if you don’t already follow the page but want to have a chance to win something, then head on over and click LIKE! My own mother, who loves to sew, crochet, and knit has offered to make a few things to give away(yes in teal, very nice), y’all don’t want to miss out on that!

The proceeds from this fundraiser will be going to the PCOS Foundation out in Texas. They do a tremendous job educating the masses about what PCOS is, giving support to PCOS women and their families, and every year they host a large symposium featuring a 5K walk/run, food, and music! So if you want to be part of that, head on over their site and sign up! They always have a great turn out 🙂

If you prefer to not buy any nail wraps but want to make a contribution you can donate directly to PCOS Foundation site (click HERE to donate).

I am looking forward to this Friday, I will certainly keep y’all updated with any and all up and coming details! I hope you all will join in on the fun and help spread the word! See you there 🙂


Love y’all, Amanda Gayle

#gotteal #womanofteal #pcosawareness



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