Wrapping for PCOS: New Teal Wrap for Teal Tuesday!!

Afternoon everyone! Today is Teal Tuesday, do you got some teal on? Don’t have anything in teal to wear? You’re in luck! Jamberry has released a new teal nail wrap with white polka dots, it’s so cute! Kim and I are both in love with the boysenberry wraps that pair so beautifully with the teal 🙂 Wanna see?



Aren’t those just gorgeous?! I even found a wrap that has a jogger on it for those who like to jog/run. But the fun doesn’t stop there 🙂 If you want to add a little bling to your nails there’s an icy boysenberry wrap.


Pair that with solid teal nails and it will certainly pop! Of course if you want less bling but still want to have that “wow” effect there is even a boysenberry chevron pattern that is fun for all ages!


These wraps are so versatile and pretty! You can buy 3 and get 1 free, share them with friends, family, co-workers…Cysters, have a wrapping party with your girlfriends. Get together on a weekend, bring your wraps, cuticle pushers, and don’t forget the snacks 🙂 There’s no drying time with these wraps, so in 10 minutes you’re going to have a professional looking mani/pedi and the rest of the night can be all fun and games!!


Since this Jamberry party is to help raise funds for the PCOS Foundation, when checking out please remember to pick “Wrapping for PCOS” during checkout. This way, a portion of the sale will go to the cause and help the PCOS Foundation reach more women and their families.

We need your help to spread the word about PCOS, how it affects the female body, the dangers it poses(increasing the risk for ovarian and breast cancer) and the importance for support. Often times we Cysters feel alone, even when we have the support of our family members and friends, we will have days where it feels like no one understands, that’s where reaching out to other PCOS women comes in, talking with cysters around the globe can sometimes make all the difference. I’ve had friends tell me how strong I am, but honestly there are stronger women out there that I’ve had the privilege in meeting through such online support groups. Women who are worse off health wise and can’t seem to catch a break with their symptoms. Those are the women I look up to, that I see as PCOS Warriors. They never give up even though every inch of them is screaming at them to throw in the towel.

Kim Lukowitz Birdsell and I thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for joining us this month in raising awareness and making a difference in millions of lives.

Be sure to visit the online party, (click HERE) today Kim has an all day game going on you don’t want to miss out on. She’s itching to give away some wraps, so be sure to get on over there, share your favorite color/style wrap for a chance to win that wrap!


(Please note Jamberry only sells and ships to the US and Canada. But I will be doing giveaways shortly which will include all my readers and followers from all over the world. Don’t miss out on that, more updates to come!)

Got Teal?



One thought on “Wrapping for PCOS: New Teal Wrap for Teal Tuesday!!

  1. Jamberry Nail Wraps are a great alternative to (or addition to) polish and other forms of “nail art.” PLUS, every sheet that’s purchased at the Wrapping for PCOS party on Facebook supports PCOS research. September is PCOS Awareness Month. Go teal! Let others know that PCOS doesn’t just affect fertility. Research is ongoing to determine if women who have PCOS can genetically pass it on to their children. Can having PCOS lead to heart disease, diabetes and cancer? That’s what researchers hope to learn. They DO know that it’s a systemic disorder that has a laundry list of symptoms, but no woman has them all, and her symptoms cluster will be different from everyone else’s. Women everywhere should read about it and learn all they can.

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