Ugh, it finally caught up with the Joneses

It’s finally claimed one us. Either the cold or flu…I’m down for the count. Went to bed and while reading, the inside of my nose began to burn(an indication to me that I’m coming down with something), throat instantly became sore, and then there was sneezing galore.

You see, without fail, from the time my son was 8 months old we have been getting sick every year. Always in January. Cold or flu. We can pretty much expect it towards the end of December into January.


The above picture is never a good sign. Obviously. I am the first casualty and have chosen to isolate myself from the rest of the family. It was too much to hope for that we would be able to avoid it this year. *sighs* At least I can rest and read some more.

That’s all I have for now, recipes are on hold until I’m well enough to venture downstairs. Thank you all for visiting my blog, for taking time to read the posts and for liking them. I pray I’m not down for too long, but I know everyone understands. Have a blessed weekend, stay warm, and stay healthy.


2 thoughts on “Ugh, it finally caught up with the Joneses

    • Thank you so much Cheryl, I was so sure we were going to escape it this year. I hope this hasn’t hit your household. Get out and get lots of vitamin D and eat up lots of vitamin C. Stay healthy hon, Amanda

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