~5 Faves Friday: A tribute to my Plus Size Cysters~

I think it’s time I reveal one of my new favorites…Hilda the Plus Size Pinup! Let’s face it, society has decreed that being plus size is a crime. In fact the worst crime ever committed. You all can gather that I’m not a small woman, look at my birthday pictures from a year ago(my birthday post). I don’t deny that there is more of me to love, but neither do I like being ridiculed for something that is partially out of my hands to control.
Nope, not making excuses just stating a fact. When you live with an endocrine disorder and a hypothyroid you tend to get the short end of the stick 90% of the time. I have exercised to the point where I;.’ve injured myself more times than I can remember. I do my level best to eat the right foods, to minimize my carb consumption, and stay as active as I possibly can. I know when my body has had enough, and some days it doesn’t take much to slay me.

With all that said…Hilda is an inspiration to me and many of my other plus size gal pals. Certainly there is beauty all around us in all shapes and sizes. It is widely accepted that if you’re a particular size then you are inherently beautiful! However, when a woman is packing on more jelly rolls than what comes in a Little Debbie box, then we must ridicule her until she loses the weight. Hilda breaks the mold and her little sassy hot mess self pretty much makes people stop in their tracks and giggle! Her misadventures are truly epic! She does know how to bring a smile to ones face 😉



    640x693xhilda13.jpg.pagespeed.ic.C9DjFdMmVQtmtfsjk2eB    e55f15a76259c707a23b4ed04591d3cb


My favorite is the one where she is in the hammock and has the fishing line tied to her toe 😀 And even better she’s enjoying a good book, is there anything else better in life?! Nah!!!

2) My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Thore.

big fat fab life There are many reasons why I love this show, though I would love it more without the language, but here’s a PCOS Cyster doing the very thing the rest of us wish we could do(ok, maybe only part of us…I’m too introverted to be on tv)…spreading the word about PCOS!! And not just on social media and in our own hometowns, but on TV!! Where millions of people tune in and actually learn something about why most women are fat. I will say this, she is definitely more limber than me and her positive outlook is infectious! A lady at my church came over to me and asked if I had watched the show and of course I have. She confessed she actually learned something new and was seeing me in a new way. I give a hearty thanks to Whitney Thore and others who are able to reach out to the masses. Join me and others in the  #NoBodyShameCampaign. This is for all sizes, no one is excluded!

3)Pinterest board, Plus Size Modest.

It’s a personal preference for me to dress modestly. I’m not a fan for wearing things above my ankles, but I do enjoy seeing what’s out there. Below are a few faves from that board…

389bb7be422738e1071029c560b6a42aa4cba66501cad9c76212d7587fac9e36   0699462b215f32cf2a5123294423ed47

IMHO(In My Humble Opinion), the only thing missing from the second picture is a light cotton cardigan, but this gives you an idea of what I like in the way of fashion. Long and flowing, in fact I’m going to go out on a limb and share a personal picture. This is not easy for me and by sharing this I will be inviting criticism. *drum roll*


It’s not the greatest photo, but I felt the most comfortable the day it was taken. I never dress to impress people, I dress for personal comfort. Fashion has never been a big thing for me. If it’s clean, modest and I can button it, then I’m gonna wear it! Simple. I’m a no fuss kind of gal, if an outfit has too much going on with it then I’m gonna opt for cozy knit pj’s and slippers. Wear what you love and makes you feel comfortable!

4)Be Kind. Always.


I’ve shared this one a couple of times on social media sites.
And it’s so very true!
You will never know what someone is
going through until you are going/have gone
through it yourself.
This holds true not just for overweight
folks, but for those with
incurable diseases, cancers, life struggles,
losses,etc. There is
already so much hatred in this world, and it will
continue to
get worse unfortunately, but when you body shame someone
you are
only making yourself look bad. Making everyone
aware of your own
insecurities and intolerance. If you
really want to help someone, just
be kind.
Be thoughtful. Be considerate. Be genuine. Be loving.

5)Focus on the Healthy


To be fat and healthy just doesn’t seem to go
together. It is possible to eat right, exercise
daily, do everything that is humanly possible
and never lose all the weight.
To never be the size that society says is acceptable.
AND THAT’S OK!! Look, with PCOS there’s more
to this health issue than just the weight. Yes,
the weight is a big concern, but there are hormones,
insulin, and a bunch of other little nasty issues that
we have to put up with on a daily basis. So there’s
absolutely no reason to push yourself to the point where
you are injured at the end of the day, or where you become
too depressed because you aren’t reaching the impossible
standards. Embrace the healthy life, eat the right kind
of foods for your Nutritional Type(a Dr. Mercola reference)
and do what you can when you can. Give up the overly
processed foods, seriously those aren’t good for anyone.
If you feel led to detox then do it, if you want to cut out
the carbs then do it, if you want to enjoy the healthy fats
then do it…do whatever it takes to be a healthier YOU!
Just don’t shoot yourself for not doing what everyone else
is doing. There are more important things in life than worrying
about a number on a scale. It’s a nice thing to check on
from time to time, but do not let it rule your life!


We all are!
Have a blessed day<3


3 thoughts on “~5 Faves Friday: A tribute to my Plus Size Cysters~

  1. You know Amanda I will share that I dealt with HYPER-Thyroidism (Graves disease) for 5 years, taking anti-thyroid drug (only one available in USA) nasty drug, it did not work for me. I had several nodules (in the neck) they were biospied twice and thankfully benign both times. As I continue down hill (meaning running in 5th gear constantly) my heart racing (I was put on Coreg-a beta blocker/Lisinopril for blood pressure-taking those meds for several years, losing weight, no appetite making myself eat. Seeing an endocrinologist who by this time said Whoa – enough you have lost (per your PCP-primary care Physician) 46 pounds in 16 months (I am 5’8″ tall and was down to 113 pounds). Yes, I was scared. I had not been that small since I was 12 y.o. The options to Graves disease is #1 surgery to remove thyroid (meaning cut into throat-ah no I thought the ability to speak was too great for me to risk) it was not cancer. # 2 Kill the Thyroid with Radioactive Iodine Therapy. So after a great deal of thought and research I went with radioactive dye capsule and 3 days of pure misery being totally isolated from family, friends, and general public. I would omit radiation that may hurt others. I drove myself to the hospital where the technician was dressed in an armored orange suit (looked like he was from outer space!) I sat nervously-I was about to kill a major gland that controls so many bodily functions. From immune system, heart, kidneys, lungs, bowels just about every part of my being. He handed me the gigantic capsule in a small cup and a bottle of water. I swallowed that horse pill and immediately left the Radiation department heading to a home that was not occupied by friends to deal with the aftermath. Which was vomiting, nausea, headache etc. I simply endured through his grace and made it through the longgggg three day period. This all took place in June 2013. I am regularly checked (every 3 months) the thyroid levels are normal, no depressionary issues, no severe fatigue, and yes I am able to eat regularly and gain back some of that weight. I do not feel in 5th gear any longer. It was a tedious long journey and I fought to save this major gland from death. For now the endocrinologist monitors me with ultrasound of nodules (that have indeed decreased in size) blood tests every 3 months. I am not on any synthetic drug yet but that may or may not come in the future. Everyone has something to deal with medically speaking. We educate ourselves, get the absolute best Doctors and care and live life! Size does not matter on iota I was and am the very same person at 125 pounds (current) as I was at 113 pounds very gaunt and ill. If I gain some more weight that’s ok I can carry it because of height. It is nice to eat whatever I want to again. That’s my dear Amanda is all for now…Your Florida Bud always, Cheryl.

    • Thank you for sharing this Cheryl, I’ve only heard about Graves disease. I learned something new today 🙂 I’m glad you were able to get relief and continue to get checked out regularly. Continue to take care, my friend!

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