Banana Cake with French Vanilla Frosting

Morning all! It’s been a whirlwind of a couple of weeks. Jamberry has been consuming my life here recently, what with trying to get things ready for home parties AND we’re coming down on the wire with our school year. G–Man has a 9 weeks test tomorrow in Science and then it’s on to Health studies until the year runs out. At this point it’s looking like summer school is gonna be another iron in the ever blazing fire that I keep stoking. The song “Under Pressure” keeps playing through my head!

Easter is upon us and I know most of you wonderful good doobies have already planned out your menus! I love y’all! But I’m thinking there might be few out there who are still wondering what to make for a dessert. That’s ok punkin’, I’ve got a delicious cake recipe here that I’m sure will please everyone! You can certainly dress it up however you wish, add some fun Easter frosting decor or maybe a few peeps on the top…just let those creative juices flow 🙂 Alrighty, the recipe I have based my cake off of comes from Cooking Classy who in turn based theirs off of the one from Butter Yum. I can certainly see a slight difference in both recipes, it’s not a major deal though. I won’t repost the ingredients and directions seeing how you can click on either link and see them for yourself. However, I will share my personal results and images 🙂


Let me start off with a mmm yummy and a have mercy this cake is delicious! And I’m not a huge banana fan either! I normally have an issue with bananas(ok I burp them). But the banana isn’t overwhelming in this. When I was following the Cooking Classy’s ingredients list I noticed that I didn’t have as much banana as they used. To make up the difference I added in some homemade apple sauce to make up the difference and wowza! This is just my humble opinion, but that third banana wasn’t missed 😀

Since I always use salted butter, because it’s the only kind of butter we keep in the house, when I bake I left out the salt. It was half a teaspoon but you can’t even tell! Now Butter Yum uses one quarter teaspoon of salt, I probably could have gone with that but my family DID NOT complain at all. So, if you’re gonna use salted butter with the recipe you could leave the extra salt out or at the very least at one quarter teaspoon for kicks. I leave that up to you.

The baking temp and time varies between both sites. I followed the one from Cooking Classy, unaware of the baking temp and time over at Butter Yum. So I baked the cake at 350 for 25 minutes and it wasn’t even set up. Back in it went for another 15 minutes and came out perfect! I used a glass 9×13 baking dish lined with release foil, I know the rule of thumb is to reduce the heat by 25 degrees when using glass or dark baking pans but I think next time I’ll just bake it longer from the get go. Please be mindful of your ovens, not all ovens will bake the same way at the same temp or time. The end results should be lightly browned, the edges pulling away from the pan, and when you test the center with a knife it should come out clean.


Oh, pay no attention to the missing corner…the uh kitchen fairy had to do a taste test. And she approves!

This is one of those cakes that can honestly stand alone, kind of like banana bread, pound cake, or devils food cake. You don’t HAVE to add a frosting or glaze. The kitchen fairy enjoyed her sample piece without the frosting and found it to be quite scrumptious!


For the frosting, I don’t have vanilla bean paste. Instead I went with my old standby…used French Vanilla Coffee Creamer. I’m not too sure what y’all think about me doing that. No one has ever said ew, gross, why on earth does she use that, is she that lazy…lol in my mind it’s an easy short cut and if I had access to it I would use the vanilla bean paste. Sounds uber delicious and the little specks would add lovely look to the frosting.
Now, why does my frosting look more like a glaze? Well, it all started with the cake coming out of the oven after 6pmCST, then an hour later I had certain family members clamoring for dessert. Warm cake + Frosting, divide by four = frosting acting more like glaze and running everywhere! But hey, it’s eats the same and as I mentioned before my family DID NOT complain! My Dad consumed two pieces, that right there tells ya this cake is a keeper!

All in all I am very pleased with this cake, it’s been a couple of hours since I had my piece and no ill effects from it. So whether you eat it plain, dust it with powdered sugar, or add a vanilla frosting to it you’re going to have a happy crowd and many requests for this cake for years to come! Homemade don’t get better than this!

Happy Eating!


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