Another Milestone…


Night Owl Kitchen Blog turned 2 yesterday!

18,070 Total Views
118 Countries

(That last stat really blew my mind!)
I think I’m at a loss for words…….oh wait, I’m not!


I am BEYOND thankful for all you who come by this humble blog, who try the recipes, share the links on Pinterest, who reshare on Tumblr, those who follow on Instagram(there are world chefs who are liking my images), and people who let me know that you enjoy what I put on here 🙂 Yesterday two very sweet and dear friends told me how much they love the posts on here, I was humbled by their praise *blushes* I know they will eventually see this, so thank you Stephanie and Dede!

Being the writer of this blog has been a huge blessing to me, it’s opened a door for me to share a part of myself with everyone! In a world of 7 billion, it’s easy to feel so insignificant that you’ll never get noticed, that people outside your immediate family and circle of friends will never know about you. When that just isn’t true at all! It’s encouraging to see that those who make their way here enjoy what they see, are inspired, feel a sense of unity, or feel like you’ve just stopped by and spent time with a friend!


I really hope everyone continues to come back for more recipes, and yes there are plenty more to share, will continue to share these posts, invite your friends and family to check out a recipe or two. There’s a little bit of everything here and I know I didn’t post a single thing last week(Jamberry took up a lot of my time) but this is a brand new week and I can’t wait to share it with you all!



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