Lazy Unstuffed Cabbage Skillet

I love quick and easy, so naturally I just love this recipe! So much easier than stuffing cabbage leaves. PLUS it’s low carb! You can make rice on the side for those who would like it, but I personally enjoy it without. Hope you all have a blessed day!!

Natural Noshing

I bought a head of cabbage the other day with full intention of making ground meat and rice stuffed cabbage rolls. You know, the ones that are delicately prepared and baked in a tomato sauce and a little time-consuming. A couple days passed and I was running short on time last night and didn’t want to mess with the whole rolling, baking, boiling etc process. I didn’t want to have to freeze the meat to make the recipe at a later date so I came up with plan B – do I get bonus points for being flexible and thinking on my feet?!?

Instead, I made a “lazy girl” version that came out so delicious PLUS it was easy, fast (about 30 minutes total, 20 minutes for simmering) and is versatile. Ground beef was on sale so that’s what I bought but any ground meat would work in this dish…

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