If Minecraft were made of cheese…

It would look something like this…


Cubed cheese is apparently fun to play with 😉 Who knew you could build a little house and pathway?! G–Man was having some issues with the walls not sticking and standing up, so Mom–Mom to the rescue!!

11880507_10153471456799014_896432747_n     11880936_10153471456589014_1992924794_n

There’s even a little version of Steve!

11855462_10153471456879014_1797316385_n    11850977_10153471456949014_1938473525_n

A cute little walkway and an inside view of Steve’s pad.


But when Steve’s away, the Creepers come out to “play”. Goodbye little cheese house.

And something noteworthy:

G–Man, who is not a cheese fan and has refused all attempts to try cheese by itself, finally ate these cheddar cheese cubes last Friday. He tried a little piece and suddenly he was in love! My picky eater is finally growing up!! I’m even more proud of him when on Saturday he went with my Dad to a Men’s prayer breakfast and actually ate, for the first time, an egg casserole. I had a hard time picking my jaw up off the floor when he told me this.
It doesn’t stop there…on Sunday, he over to a friend’s house after church, I told him to eat whatever is offered to him that he was not allowed to be picky. He did me proud 🙂 He ate a cheesy quiche and fish, saying both were delicious!!! There is hope yet for this child, hehe!

All I can say, is if you have a picky eater in your family please do not give up on them. Keep offering them new things to try, continue to expose them to new foods and eventually they will come around. Hope you all have a blessed Monday!!


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