Stardate 93442.71

11/3/15 Tuesday

Dear Diary,

For a week now I’ve been sick with an unrelenting cold. Sore throat, feeling chilled and then too hot, lightheaded, tired, and too weak to really do anything except sleep. Guess I needed a break, not exactly the way I was thinking about having one. Finally on the mend now, pushing through our school day with G–Man and actually able to make cohearent coherant…*sighs*…coherent words today. Maybe. I know I’m long overdue in sharing this with you, but I figured I should wait until my brain fog had completely lifted before attempting to post. Yesterday all I could come up with was “Words blah blah blah, more words, blah-de-blah-blah, moan in fatigue, words, blah.” Pathetic really. 

Saturday I helped my Mom make those boomerang sandwiches that the family loves so much, it took a lot out of me but I knew she was going to need my help since I’m the one who discovered the recipe for it on Pinterest. She put her own delicious spin to them and I am so excited to share the recipe today…FINALLY! I guess whoever finds this diary entry will hopefully make this recipe one day and enjoy the awesome flavor roller coaster as much as we have.


Baked Croissant Sandwiches

extra large croissants (purchased a large box from Sam’s Club, think it had 12)
1 pound bacon, fried
1 1/2 large onions, caramelized
baby Swiss cheese slices
American cheese slices
honey mustard(homemade or bottled)
mayonnaise, optional
ham or turkey deli slices
rotisserie chicken, deboned and pulled apart

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Begin by frying up the bacon and caramelizing the onions. Set both aside.
Slice the croissants in half and lay open like a sandwich. Spread a little honey mustard on one half and mayonnaise on the other. Place a slice of baby Swiss cheese on half and American cheese on the other. Now comes the fun part, you can choose to add deli ham, deli turkey or rotisserie chicken next. In the above picture I added rotisserie chicken, top with four slices of bacon and caramelized onions. Place the top half of the croissant back on top, press lightly and wrap in Reynolds Release Foil. Bake on a pan or rack for 15 minutes and serve with your favorite soup, salad, or chips.


The family really enjoyed these, my Mom just had hers with cheese and bacon. JJ had cheese, bacon and rotisserie chicken, while Dad had what I call “the works”, with everything! 😉 Any cheese can be used, omit the honey mustard if prefer, use Dijon if you want. Skip the mayo too if you’re not a fan. These are certainly easy to assemble once you get everything prepared, of course you don’t have to have bacon or onions on it. But trust me, it’s worth all that effort in the end!

Ok diary, I need to get off of here but don’t worry I have a back log of yummy posts to share. Oh, before I forget, I did manage to snag a picture of our sweet Bindi Boo all curled up on the sofa. She makes such a cute dingo donut 😉 


Take care diary!


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