Low Carb Gumbo(Rouxless)

Hey y’all! I hope everyone has been having a wonderful Wednesday so far! I’m not sure how many of you are gumbo lovers, and I sincerely hope I don’t offend anyone with this non-traditional version. I’m a gumbo lover and I’ve had it a few different ways, but I must say this recipe was absolutely amazing last night! The heat, combination of flavors, three different meats, everything was absolutely perfect! So much so that I ate two helpings, which is unheard of for me. Normally I am content with a single helping, but I think that since this does not have a thick roux in it that it makes it easier to eat more than one ought to! 😉 No regrets!! 

I started out making this recipe in a dutch oven pot, which quickly proved to not be big enough. So I used an 8qt stockpot and once everything was in it the pot it was nearly full to the top. If you don’t have a pot big enough for this recipe then use two dutch ovens, cut the recipe in half, or you can purchase this one from Amazon! Ours is a Tramontina, only we don’t have those nice handle grips like the one on Amazon. Boy that would make it easier for sure instead of having to use pot holders. I always have to ask my nephew or dad to move the full stockpots around because I don’t want to risk dropping everything, especially when the contents are hot. So the grips are a nice addition and I highly recommend Tramontina cookware. Out of all of the pots and pans we have ever had these are the ones that have stood the test of time. I love that it’s stainless-steel, works great with our electric gas stove top, and it’s dishwasher safe(a major plus for this gal)! 

Here’s what you’ll need:

4 large chicken breasts

8 c filtered water

2 large onions, chopped

2 medium green bell peppers

2 c mini sweet bell peppers, chopped (red, yellow, and orange)

1 can Rotel tomatoes

2 cans Hunt’s diced tomatoes

2 pounds kielbasa

4 tblsp minced garlic

2 tblsp Tone’s Cajun Sasoning 

2 tblsp Phil Robertson’s Cajun Seasoning “Zesty”

3 tsp Kosher salt

2 tsp ground black pepper

2 1/2 c heavy cream

4 c 16/20 frozen precooked shrimp, thawed

In 8 qt stockpot add filtered water and chicken breasts. Bring to boil over high heat, cook till chicken is cooked through and tender. Remove and set aside to cool. Chop onions, bell peppers, and kielbasa; reduce heat so broth is at a slow boil and add chopped vegetables. Cook till fork tender, add the Rotel, diced tomatoes, kielbasa, and minced garlic. Chop cooked chicken breasts and add back to pot. 

Time to add in the seasonings and this is where you can go as crazy as you want. You can add in tabasco sauce, habanero peppers/sauce, chopped jalapenos, minced ghost chile peppers…or you can go mild and keep it sane with a little red pepper flakes. Last night I used a combination of Tone’s Cajun Seasoning and Phil Robertson’s Cajun Seasoning and that stuff has got some serious kick!!! Add in salt and blac pepper, stir to combin and let this simmer for 10-15 minutes over medium heat. 

Add heavy cream and bring back up to temp before adding the precooked shrimp. Stir in thawed shrimp and let those warm through for a few minutes. Serve immediiately and enjoy! 

NOK Notes:

All right, this is obviously NOT a thick gumbo. It is rouxless, meaning you don’t need to melt butter and whisk in flour, making it therefore a low carb friendly but not induction safe. The carb count per serving(and there’s a lot…nearly 8 qts worth) is 16 net carbs. That’s a lot I know, and admittedly I ate two servings. Ouch. Was worth it, so good! By the time I ate my second serving my lips were on fire. There is no good way to thicken this and for it be remotely like a real gumbo while maintaining a lower carb count. Personally I enjoyed the “broth”, my mom ladled some of the broth out and used it in her version of shrimp scampi. There was plenty leftover to freeze and have for another meal(a full gallon bag), which will fit easily into a dutch oven pot. 

Rotisserie chicken can be used instead of boiling your own chicken, but keep in mind that if you buy a rotisserie chicken from Walmart/Sam’s Club that it does have MSG and is not exactly the best chicken to use. Check around at other stores that offer rotisserie chickens and read the ingredients label. If you don’t see the letters MSG or the word monosodium glutamate then you’re good to go. 

A healthier option would be to buy free range chickens from a local farmer, have them humanely butchered, and slow cook them for 18 hours. This will yield a rich stock that you can keep in your freezer and use for just about anything! The gelatinous stock is beneficial for our health, it’s what we use during the flu and cold season. 

I know the recipe looks insane with that list of ingredients, but it is worth the time and effort. It certainly helped me get rid of sinus headache that had been lingering since Monday. Opened up my head for sure! Make this recipe as hot or mild as you like, cut it in half if you need to. It makes awesome leftovers and is perfect during the winter! 

Hope you all have a wonderful week! 


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