And it begins…

Today is the day that I start my 8 weeks fitness and health challenge. When I first joined I thought yeah I’ll just see what I can do. But with recent health issues I’ve had to get serious about these changes and last week I decided that since I joined this challenge then I need to give it all that I possibly could. I’ll spare you all my specs(weight and measurements), it’s enough I’ve had to submit them to my friend who is in charge of this challenge 🙂

However, I will be sharing pictures of what I am eating, since I’m doing a lower carb candida diet, and other little changes that I’m making along the way. Will see what comes of this!

So, far the day has been good. First order of business was my weigh in and measurements. Followed closely by lemon water, breakfast and supplements, and finished it off with a single cup of coffee. I’ll just be honest, I’m not a breakfast person at all, at the moment I still feel full and will see about modifying my meals the rest of the day. I’m not adding snacks or eating six smaller meals. I did that once and nearly made myself sick, I’m just sticking with three regular meals, if and only IF I feel the slightest inclination to indulge I might have a low carb/gluten-free dessert.

What was my breakfast this morning? Very simple, eggs over easy with sliced ham. Hindsight is telling me that was too much for Monday breakfast, especially when I’m not used to eating breakfast to begin with.


Candida diet…I’ve had to do A LOT of reading about it last week, especially about what I can and cannot have. Was I recently tested to be a candida sufferer? No, I can’t afford such tests. I am however suffering from candida die off and I have all the classic symptoms for it. A lot of what the diet suggests, especially in the realm of gluten-free, I cannot have solely based on carbohydrates alone. Dad and I were standing in Kroger last night looking for almond flour/meal because it along with coconut flour are my only replacements to flour. Very limiting. But I’m very familiar with both and have several recipes tucked away for those mornings when I want to break away from the eggs and ham routine.

What exactly can I have on the candida diet?

In truth, it’s a bunch of fresh whole foods. I’m limiting myself further by cutting out naturally sweet fruits and vegetables. Yeast, like cancer, needs sugar to thrive and survive. By eliminating refined and naturally occurring sugar I hope to reduce my symptoms over time. There is controversial information out there saying you can and cannot cure candida. I’m unsure which is correct at this time. If all I am able to do is lessen the effects then I’d be content with that. However, it has been my understanding that with such things, going more alkaline does help to cure a lot ailments(cancer included) when one eliminates all sugar.

For this week I have the fridge stocked with fresh veggies, limited dairy(only a little heavy cream for my coffee), frozen berries, and other pantry essentials such as extra virgin coconut oil, flax seeds, chia seeds(used sparingly), almond flour/meal, coconut flour, and stevia as my go to sweetener.

There is still so much more to share, but I’ll save it for the weeks to come 🙂 Hope you all have a blessed day!!!